Your workplace could become animal friendly after COVID!

The COVID-19 pandemic has given many dog ​​lovers the opportunity to further connect with their furry friends. And for many, it is possible for them to find time to adopt and train a new family member. But what if so many dog ​​lovers work from home temporarily when the pandemic ends?

Fortunately, you may not have to choose between your dog and going back to work. A new survey from Banfield Pet Hospital interviewed 500 C-suite executives and 1,500 employees with dogs and cats. The study found that not only are people more productive with their pets, but many businesses are considering moving to a pet-friendly office after the pandemic!

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The majority of businesses prefer a pet-friendly office

According to Banfield’s study, six out of ten companies want to be more animal-friendly after the pandemic. They don’t want their employees’ pets to develop separation anxiety after their humans stop working from home. Also, Banfield believes pets can make a huge difference in productivity.

The survey included 500 C-Suite executives. The results showed that 59% of executives plan to give employees with pets more flexibility once people are back to work in the office.

In fact, 72% of executives surveyed said they expected more pet-friendly offices to work after the pandemic. This is exciting news for pets and humans alike!

Employees also prefer pets!

Banfield also interviewed 1,500 cat and dog parents to see how they felt about animal-friendly workplaces. It’s no surprise that many of them responded positively to this.

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Three out of ten employees surveyed said they had adopted a dog or cat amid the pandemic. Millennials and Gen Z employees were the most likely to adopt a new pet and request animal-friendly policies in the workplace.

63% of all employees said the pandemic helped them think more about their furry friends. 57% of them said they would be happiest if they could get back to work in a pet friendly environment. Unfortunately, if they can’t get their pet to work after the pandemic, one in five employees might consider taking their pets back.

Don’t be afraid! Many pet parents are still seeking help after the pandemic. 32% of dog and cat lovers have spoken to their vet for advice on transitioning to “normal”. 45% research dog walkers and dog daycare when they are not there.

Animals can improve work

Dog lovers are pushing for animal-friendly workplaces even before the quarantine. Now, with the increasing adoption of animals, even more people want to bring their pet to work. In fact, half of Gen Z employees and a third of Millennials said they might consider getting a new job if their office doesn’t become dog-friendly.

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As it turns out, many executives have seen positive improvements in a pet-friendly workplace. 67% noticed an increase in work socialization and 42% an increase in employee productivity. Additionally, 31% saw increased employee retention and 24% saw happier employees.

“We’ve seen the human-animal bond only get stronger during the pandemic, and it’s no surprise that when owners start thinking about how best to be there for their pets, they start spending more time outside of theirs At home, “said Brian Garish, president of Banfield Pet Hospital.

Dogs in the workplace always have advantages and disadvantages. But many employees could benefit from having their best friend. As the world slowly returns to normal, we should expect more pet-friendly offices.

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