Your guide to ice fishing on Lake Erie

The fishing season doesn’t have to end when warm weather gives way to the cold and autumn leaves give way to the ice. Ice fishing on Lake Erie is a fun way to enjoy your favorite hobby well into winter. But before you go there are things you need to know.

Before you go ice fishing on Lake Erie

It is important to check the latest ice fishing report for Lake Erie for weather conditions, ice thickness, etc. for the states and entry points you plan to use before venturing out on the ice.

What to wear

To get the most out of your ice fishing experience on Lake Erie and enjoy it to the full, you should dress warmly! It is best to dress in layers, with the outermost layer being both water and wind resistant. In addition to your layers of clothing, wear rubber soles, insulated and waterproof boots on your feet, a hat or other cover to protect your ears, and waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm for a long day on the ice of Lake Erie.

What to pack

Pack plenty of water and high protein foods like nuts and energy bars to stay hydrated and energized for a day ice fishing on Lake Erie. Also pack hand warmers, sunglasses and a camera / smartphone for classic ice fishing for perch, pike and zander photos. When packing, watch out for lack of space in the tents, sheds and ice fishing shelters. When it comes to fishing accessories, have jigging poles, lures, and minnows to sweeten the tips!

Fishing licenses

It is important to note that ice fishing on Lake Erie may require additional or separate fishing permits. For example, Pennsylvania has a stand-alone Lake Erie fishing permit, while non-residents in OH require a Lake Erie fishing permit from January 1 to April 30 to encounter the ice and cool water. Check your state’s fishing permit requirements before planning your ice fishing adventure on Lake Erie.

Stay safe on the Erie ice

After all, you have to protect yourself and your loved ones on the ice of Lake Erie. “There is no such thing as safe ice. That’s the rule, ”says Rock The Lake’s Captain Tony Muscioni. “You never know. If you hit a weak spot and go down, it’s over. You have to be very careful.” The Ohio Department of Natural Resources notes that “Ice must be at least 4 inches thick to be an angler and his own.” Wear gear (around 200 pounds). And while ice is not safe, clear ice contains fewer contaminants than cloudy ice. ”As a general rule, you should never ice fish alone and to be as safe as possible wear a life jacket when ice fishing on Lake Erie .

Also, keep your phone fully charged and in a plastic bag to avoid the ill effects of moisture, use sand for better traction on the ice, and keep the safety of the classic in numbers when not on an airboat charter or a guide are on the move ‘lesson in mind and fish for others.

On the ice? Learn the different techniques of ice fishing before you set off!

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