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Sep 1

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We are a major player in the link building and content creation market, particularly for growth oriented companies.

We have some 40,000 relationships with news outlets, portals and authoritative sites. Covering all the major verticals:

Business, Finance, Tech, Gaming, Sport & more.

Already working with many major brands such as Airbnb, William Hill, Kindred, Betway etc.

We deliver thousands of SEO-optimised pieces of content each month, and also run SEO and PPC campaigns on behalf of our client base. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is the practice of obtaining hyperlinks, otherwise known as backlinks, from other sites. A new website, or one without any backlinks, remains insular and largely invisible to internet users and search engine algorithms. Link building offers a proactive solution on both fronts; by broadening your online reach, you can increase your brand’s visibility on relevant, high authority sites, and improve your own site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How Does Link Building Promote an Online Presence?

Much of Google’s algorithm for ranking search engine results remains a mystery, but we do understand that backlinks represent a significant criterion for sites with high domain authority (DA).
Google reserves the first page of results for sites that demonstrate clear authority within their market. Valuable, relevant and original content is much more likely to be shared and referenced, which is why high quality backlinks act as strong evidence to Google that your site’s content holds value for readers.

Is Link Building Still Relevant to SEO 2021?

Yes, link building is integral to any successful SEO strategy. Google’s algorithms grow more intelligent and discerning each year, and sites with a strong, diverse backlink profile consistently perform better on SERPs. And, beyond the many benefits link building holds for the algorithm, it allows you to give a louder voice to your brand, and to do it justice through quality content that will increase traffic to your site authentically.

What is White Hat Link Building?

Also known as ‘Ethical SEO’, white hat link building is the practice of optimising your online presence for the benefit of your growing audience; offering quality content and relevant resources through high quality content, both with regards to your own site, and the sites from which you obtain links.

What is Black Hat Link Building?

The polar opposite of white hat link building techniques, which include the use of paid blog posts and inauthentic keyword stuffing.This approach offers no benefit to human audiences, and exists solely to appeal to search engine algorithms. Blackhat techniques are a little like ‘get rich quick’ schemes, and put users at risk of penalisation and long term difficulties.

Are PBNs Good for Link Building?

PBNs, or private blog networks, are linked sites used for the purpose of boosting a site’s search engine ranking. Using PBNs can lead to Google penalising your site, making it much more difficult for you to grow your online presence.For this reason, we do not use PBNs in our strategies.

Are NoFollow Backlinks Worthwhile?

NoFollow backlinks do not transfer authority, which means that, while they create a direct link to your site from another, Google’s algorithms will not take them into account when calculating your own authority. While this may seem counterintuitive to SEO, NoFollow backlinks still create a direct line for readers to follow, which will increase organic traffic to your site. Obviously, this still holds a number of benefits to you; a wider readership will not only make others aware of your brand, it will also be recognised by Google.

Should I Buy Links?

An effective and sustainable strategy will never pay for links. It goes against Google’s terms of service, and will damage your site in the long run.

How Do You Start Link Building?

Link Building comprises many different aspects of digital marketing. To begin, you need to liaise with contacts: webmasters, bloggers and news portals with a high domain authority, and a relevant market. Then, create content for those sites, backed by strong keyword research and the ability to engage readers enough that they follow those backlinks to your own site.
On the other hand, engage Ocere’s link building services for a time- and cost-effective solution honed by a team of expert marketers.

How Much Does Link Building Cost?

The cost will vary depending on the type of service you require; backlinks created from sites with a lower DA will cost less than those with a high DA. Typically, link building packages start at £895. The costs of Ocere’s package services are market-led, and scalable depending on the client’s budget.

Should I Be Building Links Only From Sites with High Domain Authority?

Building links with high DA sites is highly beneficial, but there is certainly something to be said for having some diversity within your backlink profile. Some of the most popular sites on the internet, such as Wikipedia and Twitter, have incredibly diverse backlink profiles. When authenticity is such an important factor in garnering positive recognition from Google’s algorithm, diversity can offer significant benefits.

What is a High Quality Backlink?

Relevance, originality, effective blogger outreach, and strong keyword research. It takes a lot of time to build a valuable backlink profile, which is why so many brands now turn to the expertise and efficiency offered by dedicated SEO companies.

Can Backlinks Hurt Your Site?

Google can and will penalise any site that appears to be using superficial ‘black hat’ techniques to obtain links, and hearing about these negative consequences is what makes many sites reluctant to invest into a strategy of their own. The expert service provided at Ocere, however, offers a risk-free and sustainable solution to growing your online profile the right way.

What Industries Benefit From Link Building?

Any business with an online presence must invest in link building in order to grow in visibility. At Ocere, we have worked with over 3000 clients in a wide range of industries, such as iGaming, tech, finance, blockchain, AI, and travel, in many different languages.

How Does Content Help SEO?

On the surface level, it allows you to engage a wide and relevant readership by offering resources that pertain to your market and brand.
Beyond that, the content you create has the potential to significantly impact your search engine rankings. Like internet users themselves, Google is highly adept at filtering high quality and unique content from poor quality or cursory attempts. Using well-written SEO content to obtain backlinks from high-authority sites will prompt readers to visit your own site, will recognise its value and gradually raise your ranking on SERPs.

Who Writes Your Content?

At Ocere, our team of dedicated writers offer a cost-effective range of high quality content in a variety of lengths, styles and languages, always backed by strong market and keyword research.

How Do You Write SEO Content?

The aim should always be to create a valuable resource for readers — one that specifically targets your market, in addition to Google’s algorithm. SEO content is specifically written to target keywords and phrases, but they must harmonise with the rest of the piece. Rather than simply using your content as a way of presenting these keywords to Google, written content should feel natural, original and authentic.

How Long Should the Content Be?

Our writers provide content from 500 words to over 2,000. We typically recommend keeping the word count above 300 words, as anything this low won’t offer much benefit in terms of SEO.

What Makes Content Shareable?

Content needs to be written with authority, and it needs to be engaging, informative and compelling enough that others feel driven to like and share the post (and reference you) with their own readers. Further still, originality is important. The internet is awash with content, and the best writing will avoid simply duplicating what is available on many other sites.

How Much Does it Cost to Create Content?

Our content writing services are very competitive, with prices starting at just $25 per article for basic grade content. All our content services include proofreading, SEO optimisation, and a fast turnaround time in as little as five days.

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