Would you rather be quarantined with your pet or partner?

Have you ever had a game of “Would you rather?” Played? You ask someone if they’d rather do one thing or the other, usually between two impossible choices. Would you rather always have dry eyes or a runny nose? Such things. A recent survey of pet parents asked a quarantine question, and more people than you might think had no problems with their choices at all.

Poll says! Pets through partner

Freshpet is a commercial pet brand that sells packaged pet food that is stored in a dedicated refrigerator area at most major pet dealers. They conducted a survey of pet parents regarding a hypothetical second quarantine period.

One of the questions they asked was, “If you had to choose a companion to stay home with during a second lockdown, who would you choose?” Poll says? 44% of women chose their “cat or dog” compared to 47% of men who chose “significant other”.

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Another finding: Pets make quarantine more pleasant

In the FreshPet survey, respondents were also asked whether spending time with pets makes quarantine more comfortable. Of course, a whopping 80% answered yes! Interestingly, these people chose pets as the most pleasant aspect of quarantine over online shopping and spending quality time with their significant other. Pets again for victory!

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Feelings of guilt returning to work

Returning to a new normal will be an adjustment for all of us. Many pet parents express concern about being able to return to work outside the home and leave their pets at home. The FreshPet survey found that 55% of pet parents feel guilty about this eventual need.

Want to know what you can do to prepare your dog for your return to work? Read our post on making the transition easier!

Your dog will be unsafe if you suddenly leave the house 8 or more hours a day. They made themselves very comfortable to be around you. The transition needs to be handled carefully to keep your dog free from stress and anxiety. “We’re part of their pack. So when someone goes missing, pets feel like the pack isn’t as strong and safe as it can be,” said Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo, DVM, Vice President Research and Development at Freshpet. “We need to realize when we return to the office that pets don’t know how long we’ll be away – or if we’ll be back.”

We all want life to go back to normal, whatever it is. In the meantime, you can have as many quarantine sessions as possible!

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