Women in Sports: 10 Reasons to Attract Your Fish!

In 1987, on February 4, President Ronald Reagan declared the first National Day for Women in Sports in recognition of the history of women’s athletics. Today it doesn’t matter whether it’s hiking, biking, golf, tennis or fishing – more women than ever are benefiting from athletics and outdoor sports.

According to the 2019 Special Report on Fisheries, female participation reached an all-time high of 17.7 million in 2018. At 11.5%, this participation rate was the second highest ever recorded.

It’s easy to see why women and girls are more likely to “attract their fish” in sports, especially when you factor in these ten benefits.

  1. Girls and women have more opportunities to build trust, practice leadership, and work together as a team while boating or fishing.
  2. Girls and young women in sport tend to have higher grade averages and lower drop-out rates.
  3. Fishing and boating offer girls and young women the opportunity to learn new skills so that they can feel more comfortable playing outdoors.
  4. Anglers know that catching a fish is a powerful feeling.
  5. Girls and women who play sports are better able to budget their time.
  6. Exercise and physical activity outdoors are associated with a reduced chance of symptoms related to stress and depression.
  7. Girls and women in sports learn how to set goals, which is important when it comes to interpersonal relationships and professional success.
  8. Fishing builds friendships. There is an undeniable friendship that arises when women spend time together on the water.
  9. Competitive fishing, which takes place through participation in tournaments and events, can help promote performance-oriented behavior.
  10. Girls and women need to see more inspiring role models. This means that more girls and women have to ride boats, tie knots, catch fish and look after new anglers.

Whether on the National Day of Girls and Women in Sports or any other day of the year, we have to break the “bass top” again and again. Make waves by learning new fishing skills and set an example for all of the young, aspiring anglers who watch.


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