Woman sentenced to 33 years for appalling cruelty

Puppy mills and poor breeding conditions in general are some unfortunate realities that many dogs face. It’s despicable, heartbreaking, and often terrible. Dogs are found in conditions far worse than any prison. They have been betrayed by the people who should love them most.

Fortunately, a tragic Maryland story has the essence of a happy ending – or at least justice. According to the Baltimore Sun, 56-year-old Laura Filler was arrested along with her husband, 50-year-old John Roberts, in April 2019.

Animal control officers arrested the couple after finding 54 dogs in deplorable conditions. Unfortunately, 27 of these dogs died. The judge told Fox 5 that the house was a “Chamber of Secrets”.

The house was as stomach-wracking as it was heartbreaking

The floors and walls were reportedly covered in thick mud and dirt from floor to ceiling. Dog food was distributed all over the house. It was inedible because of an abundance of mold. Many decaying bodies of helpless dogs were found piled in a bathtub. The putrid smell emanating from home was amazing. It clung to first responders removing the dogs.

Melissa Hockensmith is the prosecutor in charge of the case.

“I think these dogs deserve justice,” she told the Baltimore Sun.

Judge Fred Hecker described the couple as “extremely indifferent” to the welfare of the dogs. It was probably this heartbreaking realization that led him to her conviction.

“Puppy mill02” from PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Licensed under the public domain via Commons

Justice lost for innocent lives

Filler was initially charged with 109 counts. Most of the censuses concerned cruelty to animals. She pleaded guilty to 11 of them.

Filler was sentenced to 33 years in prison this week for 11 times animal cruelty. She is not eligible for parole for at least five years. In addition, Filler is no longer allowed to have any animals in her possession.

She was also ordered to pay $ 91,400 in restitution to the owners of the house. That was because the house had to be demolished because it was so unfortunate.

The judge recommended that Filler spend her time in a correctional facility where she can be treated for mental health problems.

Her counterpart, John Roberts, was awarded a year for his role in unlicensed dog breeding.

“I am very sorry that all of this happened,” Filler said before her conviction.

Laura Filler’s defense attorney asked for prayers for all dogs suffering from Filler’s cruelty.

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