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Why you should give your dogs bully sticks

Bringing a new dog into the family is a lovable life experience. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes – from the little Yorkies with big hearts to the family-friendly Golden Retrievers, everyone is special. As a pet owner, it’s important to treat your furry companions like your children and to love them as much as possible.

An important aspect of pet ownership is ensuring food and nutrition for your pet. Pet owners should note that it is crucial for dogs to have a nutritious and balanced diet, just like humans. Your food should provide moisture, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Not only should the food be nutritious, but also the snacks. While dogs anticipate their meal times and look forward to them, they’d also love to have some little treats during the day. Why not make them useful for your dog too?

Dog treats, nutrition, and everything in between

Dog breeds have different personalities and behaviors, but they all have one thing in common: their penchant for treats and chews, especially when earned as rewards. Since your furry companions cannot control their snack intake throughout the day, you must be the one in charge.

Think of it this way: Eating snacks during the day can potentially result in a balanced diet, and it works the same for dogs. Snacks and treats can add too many calories to your diet. As a rule of thumb, your snacks should only make up 10% of your daily caloric intake.

The selection of goodies and snacks is just as important. The right dog treats should be specially formulated and appealing to dog palates. Treats and chews with added nutritional and dental benefits are beneficial. If you want to give your dog a unique, fun, yet healthy indulgence while playing, Bullysticks are worth a try.

Bully Sticks? What are you?

Bullysticks are natural, healthy dog ​​delicacies made from dried bull penises, the so-called bullysticks. Don’t get too discouraged by bullysticks, however, as these are 100% naturally derived from a single ingredient.
Bully sticks, or pizzle sticks, are common in many pet stores, but you may not know what their names are. To avoid misunderstandings, bully sticks are not derived from muscles that have been cut off from the animal. The ox or bull penis is just the animal’s by-product.

Bullysticks come in raw, dried or cooked form. All Bullysticks have a chewy consistency that is perfect for long-lasting chewing.

However, bullysticks can stink if they’re not properly prepared. The unpleasant smell comes from the moisture. Hence, proper drying, baking, and cooking will help remove the odor. There may also be a risk of bacterial contamination without proper preparation.

Should I consider giving my dog ​​Bullysticks?

If you’re still hesitant about getting bullysticks for your dog, check out these five reasons why you should give your dog bullysticks on a regular basis:

1. Dog friendly and healthy option

Dogs of all ages and sizes will appreciate an excellent snack to play with as well. One of the biggest advantages of bullysticks over other types of snacks and treats on the market is the fact that they are naturally derived from an animal by-product and are free of harmful chemicals like preservatives and coloring.

In addition, Bullysticks are stomach-friendly and cause less stomach upset compared to rawhide, pig ears, and other natural and commercial goodies. Bullysticks are also high in protein and taurine, an amino acid that is good for your dog’s eyesight and heart muscles.

Because of the low fat content combined with the high protein content of Bullysticks, they are helpful in treating obesity in dogs. As one of the safest chews on the market, young puppies can enjoy bullysticks too.

2. Great for your dog’s dental health and stomach

Despite the harshness of bully sticks, they are great for dog dental and oral health. When chewed, pizza sticks cause abrasions on the canine teeth and help remove plaque and tartar without scraping the gums.

As already mentioned, Bullysticks do not cause stomach pain because they are easy to digest. Many pet owners are generally aware of the rawhide goodies as they are popular in the market. However, some rawhide chews contain unnecessary additives that can make digestion difficult.

3. Long lasting and long shelf life

A piece of Bully Stick is incredibly durable to chew due to its tough nature. Compared to other goodies that are easy to chew, Bullysticks can last for several hours to days. But it still depends on how long your dog chews on it every day and how aggressive he is when chewing.

Since they can last for a few days, you can guarantee that your dog will not easily knock down a pack of Bullysticks. While some brands of bully stick are quite expensive, they can ensure top quality and long-lasting use. If your dog doesn’t finish a stick in one sitting, you can just put it in the freezer until it’s next use.

Bullysticks that have not been chewed or eaten have an excellent shelf life of two to three years. Storage in a freezer can further increase the hardness and longevity of the product. When choosing Bully-Stick products, products with resealable packaging are more convenient and advantageous to use.

4. There is one for every dog

Undoubtedly, canines are becoming picky eaters too. Whether your dog’s breed is a picky eater like a Dachshund, Maltese, or Pug, or your dog is just being fussy, Bullysticks can suit their tastes and preferences. Thanks to myriad types of bully sticks, there is sure to be one type of bully stick that your dog would love.

Bullysticks come in a variety of sizes starting at six inches, ideal for smaller dogs or if you just want to manage their consumption. There are also various shapes and patterns that are straight, curled, and braided bullysticks, and there are also curled bully rings.

If your dog finds the smell unpleasant and uninviting, you can also opt for odor-free Bullysticks. However, these variants are more expensive because they take longer to dry and treat.

5. Saves your stuff before chewing it

Finally, bullysticks are a great option for taking your pet’s attention away from chewing your household items. Some canines, especially the puppy stage, have a tendency to chew on anything. By giving your dog something special to chew and play with, they can enjoy that healthy indulgence instead of destroying your favorite items.

Final thoughts

Treats and chews spice up your dog’s daily life and encourage them to become a more playful, loyal, and rewarding companion. Since your dog can give you tons of reasons to smile, they deserve to be given the same. By reading this article, it becomes clear that bullysticks can be a great and useful reward to offer.


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