Why do dogs howl at sirens? Questions about dog owners answered

If you have a puppy or a dog, you know they are barking. Of course, your dog can bark at random noises. While every furry friend is different, some dogs may choose to communicate out loud based on the sounds they hear. So we had to find out more about the popular dog topic: “Why do dogs howl on sirens?” We caught up with Trupanion veterinarian Dr. Caroline Wilde put together to learn more about dogs and howls and what it can really mean for your best friend.

Why do dogs howl at sirens?

Learn more about why dogs howl at sirens.

Some dogs speak to express themselves. But why are they howling at sirens? Wilde ponders why dogs might be howling at sirens.

Nobody knows for sure, but it is believed that dogs howling at sirens interpret the sirens as other dogs howling. Dogs use howling to locate each other so it is possible for the dog to step in to let the other dog know where the fire truck is. ”

Every dog ​​reacts differently to surroundings, stimulations and sounds. Some dogs may also be more sensitive to certain sounds. You can find an additional resource on communication here in the VCA Fear in Dogs Guide.

Do sirens hurt the dog’s ears?

If it’s loud to your ears, it can hurt your dog’s ears, right? Well, it all depends on how your dog reacts to the sound.

For example: “Behavior should always be interpreted in relation to what your dog is doing. If your dog appears relaxed and doesn’t try to escape the noise, the noise is unlikely to hurt the dogs’ ears, ”says Wilde

Consider documenting your dog’s behavior and contacting your veterinarian. If you have any concerns about your dog’s response to sounds, contact your pet’s veterinary clinic. You can determine if your dog needs additional testing.

Why don’t some dogs howl at sirens?

Whether you have a small puppy or a large adult dog, you have likely heard them howl. While all dogs are different, some dogs may choose not to howl, and that’s fine. In addition, your dog’s communication style is unique and tailored to him.

Dog breeds and howling

The breed of your dog can affect many factors such as height, weight, coat, and behavior. But can it help determine how loud they are when it comes to sirens? As for dog breeds, “there are no specific breeds, but in my experience it seems that they are more common in herding dogs,” Wilde emphasizes.

It can also be helpful to observe your dog’s behavior under different stimuli and see how he reacts and how his behavior can change over time. Also, a puppy may not react the same way an older dog does.

If you notice unusual behavior or anxiety in your dog, speak to your veterinarian. They can help identify the source of the problem and recommend a treatment plan.

Learn more about why dogs howl at sirens and what their behavior can mean.

Why do dogs howl at sirens? You may be trying to communicate with another dog

Whether you have an Australian Shepherd, Chihuahua, or Labrador Retriever, your dog can vocalize depending on the environment, situation, or their unique personality. However, by observing your dog’s behavior and communicating with your veterinarian, you may be able to hear your pet’s special disposition day and night.

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