Why are cats sitting on you? Here are 6 reasons

Why are cats sitting on you? Without a purring cat on my lap, the downtime wouldn’t be the same for me. One of the greatest joys of living with cats is when one of them lays on me. This particular bonding time is good for me as it lowers my blood pressure and good for my cat as it fulfills some of her needs. However, not all cats sit on their humans, and some become lap cats later in life. Although some breeds like the Ragdoll are known as lap cats, it still depends on the cat and only time with that person will tell.

All cats are individuals and it depends on the individual cat, says Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC) in Redwood City, California and author of Naughty No More! In general, cats look for some basic needs when sitting on a human’s lap. There are other factors that play a role in cats sitting on you, such as: B. Your clothes. Let’s look at some of the answers to “Why Do Cats Sit on You?” At. Here.

Why are cats sitting on you? One of the reasons could be that you are nice and warm! Photography © PCbang | Getty Images.

1. Why do cats sit on you? You are warm!

Cats like warmth, and people’s rounds are generally warm, says Marilyn.

2. Why do cats sit on you? They crave connection.

Cats attract people they like and they connect with their favorite people, adds Marilyn. Sometimes they look for petting because people often petting the cat on their lap. Petting is similar to caring for their mother, so most cats love to receive petting from their favorite people. Some cats also knead while sitting on another person’s lap. When they knead, they simulate their newborn days when they did this to their mothers to stimulate milk flow. “It can be self-comforting behavior, as can purring,” says Marilyn.

3. Why do cats sit on you? You feel safe!

One of the answers to “Why are cats sitting on you?” is that some cats feel safer when they’re on their favorite person’s lap, says Marilyn.

4. Why do cats sit on you? Smell plays a role.

If you have a bathrobe that smells like you, your cat could sit on it whether you are wearing it or not, says Marilyn. And if you’ve been to an animal shelter, your cat can smell many other animal odors on you and avoid you. Do not take it personally.

5. Why do cats sit on you? Your clothes are important!

Marilyn, who has three lap cats, noticed that her cats won’t sit on her when she is wearing a plastic raincoat. My husband Mark noticed that our cat Maddie, who normally sits on top of me, sits on top of him instead when he’s wearing his soft bathrobe.

I discovered the difference texture can make when a feral cat that I had looked after for about a year finally came and sat on my lap while I was wearing a soft fleece jacket. The first time I tried to stroke her, she scratched me. But at some point she let me stroke her. Then she sat down next to me on a picnic bench and gradually let me stroke her while she sat next to me. Then she rubbed against my fleece jacket on a cold day and, to my amazement, climbed onto my lap.

Cats want to be comfortable and warm, said Marilyn when I told her this story, “and she trusted you.”

6. Why do cats sit on you? Show confidence.

“They really need to trust you to sit on your lap,” says Marilyn. She emphasizes the importance of not leaving a cat on your lap and allowing the cat to walk. “If you give them the choice of sitting on your lap or not and walking when they want, they’ll become more confident in you.”

Selected photo: © Erica Danger.

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