Why a Spinning Rod & Reel Combo is Best for Beginners

A few years ago, a study of the sport fishing industry found that rod and reel combinations accounted for over 10 percent of all sales in the rod and reel category. While there was no further breakdown of the gear, it is reasonable to assume that a spinning rod and reel combination was by far the largest component of it, as spinning gear is the most popular gear used across the spectrum of freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Reasons for the popularity of a spinning rod and a reel

  • You can set up the role for left or right handers
  • This equipment is easy to use and easy to learn to water
  • You can keep throwing light bait
  • You can perform low angle throws without fear of line snafus and play
  • You can cast over and into the wind much better than any other gear
  • When the deposit is opened, a bait or rig will fall straight down with no resistance

The best beginner gear?

Some observers believe that a spinning rod and reel combination is the best fishing tackle for beginners.

This is because the work of putting together compatible fishing tackle is already done and does not require much fishing experience on your part.

What’s a combo?

A combo is a rod and reel that are sold as a matching set. Most often it is a spinning rod and a reel made by the same manufacturer. However, it could also be a fishing rod from one manufacturer and a reel from another manufacturer, usually put together by a retailer. The length and action of the rod are properly matched to the size, weight and line capacity of the reel to achieve proper balance and function.

What is a spinning rod and reel combination?

A spinning rod and reel combination is more commonly found in configurations suitable for smaller species, meaning that it is a light and medium weight device. A combination is often suitable for a range of fishing activities and types of fish, but can be set up specifically for a particular type of fishing.

What’s best for you

Knowing what you want to use this equipment for can help narrow down your purchase options, and price matters for most people, too. Combos can vary in price, of course, but an added benefit of this route is that you usually pay less for a combo than if you bought the rod and reel separately. With the money saved, you can buy a good quality fishing line that you can use to reel the reel. If you’re shopping at a retail store, get a new line created for you. Now, along with a few baits or a bait rig and a fishing license, you are good to go.


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