When do the fishing licenses expire?

Before going on the water, make sure you have a fishing license. You may be wondering why you need a license to fish in the first place. In this article, you will learn the basics and find answers to frequently asked questions such as “When does the fishing license expire?” Or “How do you renew your fishing license?”

A fishing license is essentially a regulatory mechanism that states use to manage their fisheries, both recreationally and commercially, while providing funding for state conservation, education and research programs. They are usually administered by the state fish and wildlife agency.

Each state has its own requirements and types of licenses, which is why it’s important to do your research in advance. Options range from one-day to lifelong fishing license options with varying age requirements, activity options, and fishing regulations.

  • How to get a fishing license. You can quickly and easily purchase a license online or in person at your local sports store. Some government agencies offer apps that you can use to digitally purchase and save your license.
  • When do the fishing licenses expire? It depends on if. Some states’ licenses expire in December, while others depend on the type of license you choose. If you are not sure, check the expiration date printed on your license.
  • How to renew your fishing license. Renewing your license online is quick and convenient, especially if your government agency has a digital app where you have already saved your information. You can also call or extend in person at a local licensing provider such as the tax office or sports shop if you wish.
  • Are there any exceptions? For sure! Some states offer exemptions for youth anglers, military personnel, and people with disabilities, and some states even offer free fishing days annually that do not require a license. This is one way not to worry if your fishing licenses expire!

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