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What to Look For When Buying A Yorkie Puppy

Oct 29

Yorkie Puppies are small, cute, long-haired dogs that come from the toy and show breeds. They need lots of attention and have a very loyal personality.


Nowadays, Yorkie Puppies can be found in numerous places and it is not difficult to locate a Yorkie Puppies for sale. Usually, Yorkie Puppies will grow up to become very lively and energetic dogs, that will make a great pet for those who have young children. Yorkie Puppies need lots of exercise so that they will not become overweight. You must also keep in mind that these puppies tend to bite as they grow older. So, it is important that you get your puppy a doggie chew bone so that he or she will not bite or nibble on your things.


When it comes to grooming, the long, silky hair of a Yorkie needs regular brushing. For your own convenience, you may want to schedule regular grooming sessions so your dog can be brushed, washed & have its nails clipped. The last thing you want is for your Yorkie to get its claws stuck in your furniture, so you will need to do this early on in the grooming process. Brushing should take about two to three minutes and you can perform it once or twice a week.


When it comes to health concerns, there are basically two major types of Yorkies - purebred and mixed breeds. Purebred Yorkies that are bred to be show dogs are usually blue and white in color. They have been bred down from the original blue blooded breed of dogs, hence the blue and white markings on their coats. These purebred Yorkie Puppies have been bred down to where they are in good health and temperament, which make them wonderful pets.


However, if you choose to go with a mix, you will likely find that there are many of these types of dogs out there. So you may want to know what type of breeder you are buying your Yorkie puppy from. If possible, do some research and find out what type of breeder they are and if they have had good experiences with the breed. This information can help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing your new Yorkie pup.