What is Mew at Catster: October 2020 Cat Events

Are you looking for a way to celebrate our feline friends this month? Here are some fun October cat activities.

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many events have been canceled. But here are some virtual events for you to review.

All month: National Month for Animal Welfare and Welfare; National Pet Wellness Month

CatCon is going virtual this year! Photo: JGalione / Getty Images

10-11 October: CatCon from your couch

The world’s largest cat-centric pop culture event is celebrating its first virtual event. CatCon From Your Couch is available this weekend and features exclusive content, curated exhibitors, adoptable cats, games and live chat on a private platform. Tickets are $ 20, $ 5 for charity.

Here are just a few highlights:

* Famed photographer and writer Mick Rock will speak to Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead about cats, collaboration and creativity.

* Attorney, writer, influencer and cat foster mom Beth Stern will talk about being a cat lover and personally grooming and caring for more than 1,300 cats and kittens.

* The 2020 CatCon Awards are the A-CAT-Amy Awards for the cat audience, with awards such as Best Biscuit Maker and #ififitsisits Champion.

* On the Zoomies conference call, six cats and their staff answer a series of questions focused on cats. Hilarity arises when the owners try to keep their cats in check for the course of the call. Nala Cat and My Boy Belarus.

* Three animal shelters offer adoptable kittens through CatCon From Your Couch in the United States: Ferndale Cat Shelter, Detroit, North Shore Animal League America, New York City, and Planned PEThood, Atlanta.

More information is available at

Cat events in October

Overweight cats are at increased risk of developing diabetes, which can lead to dry, flaky coats. Photography © adogslifephoto | Getty Images.

October 14th: Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Is your cat a little chubby? Many pets in the US could lose a bit of weight, and it’s important that we get them back on track. This day reminds us to make a few changes for the benefit of our cat. And the Pet Obesity Prevention Association would love you to take part in their 13th annual Pet Obesity Awareness Day survey. Find it on

Cat events in October

One of over 40 works of art is: “I think you love her. I think I like her and she loves me ”, says the artist Fan Pooh.

Until October 15: pandemic pets

There is still time to see this online-only art exhibition that benefits the Best Friends Animal Society. For the cats who have served as muses and role models for their artists, Alpha 137 Gallery is hosting Pandemic Pets, featuring the winners of an open call that professional artists from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are invited to create became original portraits of the pets who helped them deal with quarantine and lockdowns.

The result is an exhibition of more than 40 portraits of cats and dogs as well as a horse, a bird, a guinea pig, a fish – and even a stuffed animal.

The one-offs cost between $ 200 and $ 1,200 to make available to a wide variety of animal lovers and art collectors. Buyers can support both the artists and a worthy animal welfare organization. Works can be bought directly online. The exhibition is shown simultaneously in the Artsy, Artnet and Alpha 137 Gallery.

Cat events in October

Wild cats peeking out from behind a fence. Photography © ConstantinCornel | Thinkstock.

October 16: Global Cat Day

Tell the world how amazing the community cats are on this special observation day. Alley Cat Allies started this years ago as a day of action and public education. You can find tips and information on how to help your community cats on his website:

Cat events in October

Every day should be National Cat Day! Photography © NiseriN | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

October 29: National Cat Day

If you ask a cat, every day is national cat day. Of course, people only picked one. Celebrate your cat and other cats around the world with lots of social media pictures, treats, volunteering, or cuddling.

October 31: Happy Halloween!

Keep your cats safe indoors tonight! While cats are traditionally thought of as part of Halloween, they don’t really into human tricks or treats. Give your cat something of their own – like a Halloween scratch or a toy.

Featured photo: mihakonceptcorn | Thinkstock.

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