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What exotic animals can you legally keep in India?

Believe it or not, pets are a great way to improve your mood and temperament. So let’s take a look at what pets you can keep if you live in India.

Animals have always been excellent companions for mankind.

We have civilizations that even treat wild animals as pets. However, ornamental and medicinal poaching, illicit trade and other causes have resulted in the extinction of several species, some of which are seriously threatened.

As a result, animal laws have become stricter.

According to various laws, there is a specific list of pets that cannot be kept as pets or at home. They can domesticate other animals well.

Here’s the truth about cats and dogs – they’re not as popular with the new generation of animal lovers as they used to be. Today, exotic animals have become buzzwords when it comes to keeping pets.

Laws for Pets in India

There are no specific laws in India that set laws for pets. However, there is a negative list which means that some animals cannot be used as pets in India. This must be taken into account first.

Some laws and legal interpretations need to be passed to apply the available Indian laws to pets. Reading all of this together is going to be a pet law in India.

Here are some sections that should be explored:

  • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and its regulations
  • The Nature Conservation Act of 1972
  • The Criminal Code of India 1860

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Parrots can be considered common pets. However, blue-winged parrots, gray parrots and yellow cockatoos are obtained from foreign trade under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

On March 3, 1973, at a meeting of representatives from 80 countries in Washington, United States of America, the text of the Convention was finally agreed.

On July 1, 1975, the Agreement on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora came into force.

Around 5,800 animal species and 30,000 plant species are protected from excessive exploitation in foreign trade by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Plants and Animals.

Even then, animal breeders try to bring new breeds into the country.

Food, on the other hand, is very important for pets. This also includes exotic ones. Perfect pet food is hard to find. TopFlightDubia has been providing food to all types of pets and animals in Pearland, Texas since 2009. Check these out if you’re having trouble finding food for your beloved pet in Texas, USA.


Indians are increasingly switching to more exotic breeds such as Siamese and Persian cats. They can survive for up to 25 years if given a healthy environment with adequate nutrition and veterinary care.

However, unlike stray cats, these cats are only raised as pets and therefore have no instinct for survival. If you leave them on the street, they can be completely lost.

There are also special nutritional needs for Persian and Siamese cats, not milk but good cat food which would be up to 1000 rupees per 2 kg.

The price of a Persian cat is 8,000 rupees. If you’re ready to import, be prepared to pay the equivalent of $ 3,000.

It’s winter and cats need extra care and protection. Learn how to take care of your cats in winter.


With only eight hands on the withers, the miniature horses or flabella are among the smallest and rarest horses in the world. Because horses are traditionally measured in one-handed units, the eight-handed horse is only 32 inches taller than the Great Dane


Birds require special care. Put them in control of the diet and make sure the cages are clean as stale feed and bird droppings can create disease-causing fungi. Feed them a mix of different seeds and fruits, just like you would in nature.

Also, serve them a bowl of water. The price for a well trained pigeon varies between 8,000 and 40,000 rupees.

While the Wildlife Act protects all birds in India, exotic birds are not subject to this restriction. It is also legal for them to mate, lay eggs, and hatch.

In addition to parrots, you can also choose cockatoos as they are sturdy and easy to store. Experts recommend pairing to accompany them.

If it’s your first time buying birds, you’ll learn how to care for them. Also, look for a good avian doctor, as they are not as readily available as cat and canine vets.


There is also an inflorescence, a shiny fish with bumps on the head. The price for an Indian copy is 150 rupees and an imported adult copy is 25,000 rupees. Remora, a fox face, a yellow pond, a Korean angel and a clown fish.

Unlike common aquarium dwellers, all of these creatures are marine animals and require a saltwater aquarium. Most of the people who treat fish as pets generally choose common freshwater fish like tetra, angelfish, koi carp, guppies, gourami, and suckers.

Seawater aquariums are made with synthetic salt to salt the water, which requires constant monitoring (and maintenance) of pH and nitrogen levels.

These aquariums also require a higher water to fish ratio, which means there may be fewer fish in the aquarium compared to freshwater tanks.

Here are some simple steps to create the perfect aquarium for your fish.


It is important to have compassion for animals and to obey the law. There is no direct list of legal pets in India.

Therefore, it is recommended that you first select an animal, determine if it can be raised as a pet, and then buy and raise it.


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