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What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of American Eskimo Dogs?

Oct 27

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is a cheerful, high-spirited dog who enjoys intense exercise, particularly in the snow.

American Eskimo Dogs, sometimes known as Eskies, are people-oriented dogs who enjoy being around other people. This creative thinker grows bored and naughty... which means destructive and boisterous if there isn't enough physical and mental exercise.

Most American Eskimo Dogs are reserved around strangers, have good eyes and ears, and take their watchdog responsibilities seriously, though not to the point of aggressiveness. However, early and frequent socialization is necessary to guarantee that their vigilance does not turn into suspicion or irritability.

The majority of American Eskimo Dogs get along with other dogs, however they might get jealous when other animals get all of the attention.

This breed is intelligent, fast to learn, and skilled at tricks, but he is also autonomous and can be stubborn. If the regulations are not consistently enforced, an American Eskimo Dog will use his brains in ingenious ways to suit his own needs.


Aamerican Eskimo Dog

If you're looking for a dog who...

  • Has a furry "wolfish" or "spitz" appearance
  • Plays vigorously and enjoys strenuous exercise and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from tiny to medium-large
  • Is a good watchdog
  • Is sharp and perceptive, and thrives at picking up new techniques

You might be a good fit for an American Eskimo Dog.

If you'd rather not deal with...

  • High amount of vigor
  • Jumping with abandon
  • His own strong-willed mind necessitates a confident owner who can take command.
  • Uncertainty about strangers
  • Excessive barking, particularly in a high-pitched voice
  • Excessive shedding

You might not be a good fit for an American Eskimo Dog.


Keep in mind that temperament heredity is less predictable than physical characteristics like size or shedding. Raising and training have an impact on temperament and behavior.

You can prevent these bad characteristics by adopting an ADULT dog from a shelter or rescue organization. You can readily see what you're getting with an adult dog, and many adult American Eskimo Dogs have already demonstrated that they don't have any undesirable features.

If you want a puppy, choosing the correct breeder and dog might help you avoid some bad characteristics. Unfortunately, you can't always tell if a puppy has an inherited temperament or health issues until he's older.

Finally, by teaching your American Eskimo Dog to respect you and following the 11-step care regimen outlined in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy, you can avoid some unfavorable characteristics.


American Eskimo Dog Concerns

Barking. American Eskimo Dogs are notorious for being overly alert to new sights and sounds. To stop them, you must be similarly quick. American Eskimo Dogs are not a suitable choice for you (or your neighbors!) if you work all day. American Eskimo Dogs should never be left outside in your yard unattended for the same reason. To make matters worse, certain American Eskimo Dogs have a piercing, high-pitched bark that can irritate your teeth.

Ensuring that you get enough exercise and mental stimulation. American Eskimo Dogs require regular opportunities to release their pent-up energy and engage their busy minds in stimulating activities. Otherwise, they'll grow boisterous and bored, which they'll show by barking and chewing destructively.

They have their own thoughts. American Eskimo Dogs are extremely intelligent and capable of learning a lot. They may, however, use their cunning to persuade you to do what they desire. Some Eskies are domineering (they want to be in charge) and will put you to the test to see if you can get them to do things. You must demonstrate to them that you mean what you say by being consistent.

Suspicion of strangers is a possibility. American Eskimo Dogs are naturally shy and require a lot of socialization as well as exposure to new sights and sounds. Otherwise, their inherent trepidation can turn into suspicion or a harshness.

A lot of shedding American Eskimo Dogs have a lot of shedding. Hair and fur will be found all over your clothes and furnishings.