Unexpected friendship leads to surprise 6 kittens and a home forever

After the cat Usagi made an unexpected human friend, she learned that some friendships bloom at just the right moment. And from these moments of encounter an eternal love relationship can arise.

A savvy stray cat, Usagi knew his way around the streets of Montreal. The black cat belonged to a wild colony, but the day she met Lisianne and the friendly woman offered her something to eat, the fluffy cat realized that she had found a buddy who would keep her belly full. Lisianne was happy to deliver anything the hungry cat wanted, and Usagi soon came every day.

Usagi thrived under Lisianne’s friendship and she soon noticed how plump her feline friend had grown. Lisianne suspected that Usagi was carrying a secret. However, she was unable to confirm the wildcat’s pregnancy; Usagi was still a feral cat at heart. Their friendship may be solid, but it still continued at a distance. When Usagi suddenly appeared slim, Lisianne knew that the kittens had arrived. But she had no idea where they might be. She tried harder and harder to get close to her shy buddy in hopes of finding her.

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Kitten surprise delivered one after the other

Her hard work seemed to have paid off when Usagi out of the blue carried a kitten to Lisianne’s back door. She then brought a second kitten and followed with a third until 6 kittens sat at the feet of the surprised human! Without another thought, Lisianne greeted the whole family in the house and let them down in a room where they could be safe together. Then she asked Chatons Orphelins Montréal for help with her seven furry friends.

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In the litter of six, five of the kittens looked exactly like their mother, all fluffy and black, while only one cat had gray tabby fur. A friend of Lissianne’s quickly adopted the tabby kitten. The Usagi doppelgangers were picked up by Chaton’s orphelins.

Commenting on Love Meow’s Celine Crom, COM said, “The five are all beautiful long-haired black cats – three girls (Taylor, Tynie and Tyana) and two boys (Tales and Tito).”

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

“They were a little shy at first, but when they got to their nursing home they quickly came out of their shells.”

The kittens had slight breathing problems and little Tito was born with leg deformity, but otherwise Usagi’s litter turned out to be as strong as their mother. They will soon be on their way to their eternal homes. All thanks to an unexpected friendship between a “fairy godmother” and a wild cat with a heart for love.

Orphanage Montreal / Facebook

Usagi is forever at home with Lissiane. Once the cute mother cat made it into the house, her bond with her new human family was set for life.

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