Unable to walk kitten learns how to cat from older feline influences

Oh, little Finnegan, how I want to scratch your chin again … and again and again!

Another adorable kitten is emerging from Ellen Carozza LVT’s care with Nova Cat Clinic and the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation, and he’s well on his way to growing strong and healthy as the newest member of #teamscratchndent.

Finnegan was only a few weeks old and came into Ellen’s hands with a “nasty abscess behind his left ear”. The tiny tabby kitten also had neurological difficulties that prevented it from sitting or walking on its own.

Ellen told Love Meow, “He was absurdly short for his size since his date of birth was January 3rd. He was pretty shaky to the point where he couldn’t hold on. “

@ thecatlvt / Instagram
@ thecatlvt / Instagram

The cat lovers at Nova Cat Clinic immediately got to work on the baby, giving him antibiotics, delicious food and supplements, and lots of hugs. The feeding time also required special care, as Finn couldn’t even sit alone to take a bottle.

Big bacteria for a tiny kitten

At first it was unclear why Finn couldn’t stand and walk. But after cultivating the lump on his tiny ear and taking x-rays, the team learned what the baby had.

“We figured out the cause of his abscess, which is a beta hemolytic streptococcal infection usually transmitted by an infected queen (mother). The antibiotics we gave him were appropriate for his course of treatment. “

When the antibiotics started to fight the infection, Finn discovered some great furry friends who were eager to teach him the ways of the cat.

Big kittens love the little kitten

Ellen’s eternal cat buddy Benedict was immediately enthusiastic about the kitten and was happy to give the baby his Benny blessing.

@ thecatlvt / Instagram

“Benedict, the ultimate cat father, had to give him his signature blessing when he met Finn. When there are older cats in the house who love having kittens, the kitten is really learning how to be a cat. “

Loki, Benny’s brother, also likes to hang around with Finn …

@ thecatlvt / Instagram

And when you are learning cats, sometimes you have to deal with other kittens and their moody moods! But Finn handled the crazy pants well and comfortably tossed his little claws out of his bread basket.

@ thecatlvt / Instagram

“You don’t always need a mother cat to raise,” explained Ellen. “All you need is a cat with an amazing personality and the patience that enjoys being around kittens.”

Stronger every day

When Finn first put a paw in Ellen’s care, he was a weak baby who wasn’t feeling well, but “after a week he finally felt better enough to slowly start using a bottle and now he eats with gusto. “

With his healthy appetite, he gained weight and when kittens start breeding those cute round bellies, they get stronger too! And because Finn is a tough little fighter, he learned how to run and hold up.

@ thecatlvt / Instagram
@ thecatlvt / Instagram

In just a few weeks, Finn has come a long way with the help of Ellen, her kitties, and the clinic staff.

“He’s already had incredible success and we are confident that in no time he will be running and playing like any healthy kitten should. This is yet another case of stepping out of your comfort zone and treating these patients out of bounds regardless of size or age. “

Ellen shared on Instagram, “This is the ONLY kitten I’ve ever had that wants to turn around and go to sleep instead of getting up to eat.”

@ thecatlvt / Instagram
@ thecatlvt / Instagram

And because of his love for the leisurely life, Finn recently discovered the magic of cuddling in Ellen’s jacket. She doesn’t seem to mind, but with a kitten as charming as Finn who doesn’t like to have him on hand!

@ thecatlvt

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