“Udderly Adorable” kitten moving towards a forever home

What’s black and white and blurry everywhere?

It’s Bo, short for Bovine, and he’s the cutest little kitten at Kelly Foster Kittens.

He’s a tiny boy, but he has a big voice and so much to say. Foster mother Sarah Kelly shared, “He loves MOO … I mean MEOW!”

And one of Bo’s best cuddle buds might as well be Twinsie because it’s the cutest little cow too!

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Do you have herd of this kitten?

All comfortable and cozy at Kelly Foster Kittens, Bo and his cowmate have loved warming up in the incubator since he was so young. But sometimes Bo likes to stay up late, play and chat with his friend. Sarah has to say to the little boy: “Bo, it’s pasture time!”

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“Go to bed, little one”!

And Bo just got a stuffed piglet friend to hang out with him and his cow. Sarah joked, “Bo has some UDDERly adorable incubator friends – they’re all super instaHAMable!

Really, are he and his friends cuter?

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Milking the cow puns is too much fun, but without Sparkle Cat Rescue and Kelly Foster Kittens, we couldn’t enjoy Bo and the barnyard humor.

This little kitten almost missed her chance in life when her mother never came back.

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“Cold, Hungry and Alone”

“It was found in some rafters on a construction site,” explained Sarah.

At first his mother was there too, but the workers saw her carry his sibling away one day. They left Bo where he was and expected his mother to return for him. However, she did not come back.

“After being left alone all night hoping that his mother would come back for him, the workers found him that morning and contacted us.”

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As such a young kitten, Bo had real problems being alone. Without his mother for food and warmth, “he was cold, hungry and alone”.

But thanks to Sarah’s care and his barnyard friends, Bo has the opportunity to develop into a healthy cat with an eternal family. And that’s not a cop!

Sarah said of her little cow carer: “So grateful to be able to give this boy a second chance, a warm incubator and a happy ending.”

@ kellyfosterkittens / Instagram

@ kellyfosterkittens / Instagram

“Did you know cows love abdominal massages?”

Kittens do it anyway! And, holy cow, that kitten belly is too cute!

Huf on to Kelly Foster Kittens to follow Bo’s journey to an eternal home.

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Feature Image: @ kellyfosterkittens / Instagram


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