Two kittens found near the road, take care of each other and insist to stay together

Two calico kittens were found together on the side of the road. They have been inseparable ever since.

Sarah Kelly

Sparkle Cat Rescue, a North Carolina volunteer rescue company, was contacted about two small kittens younger than 24 hours. “They were found on the side of the road together with no mother,” Sarah Kelly, a rescue volunteer, told Love Meow.

The kittens desperately needed rescue and special care. Sparkle Cat Rescue took action and had a volunteer transport them safely across the state to their North Carolina nursing home.

“These Kaliko sisters were about to rise because they had never been with their mother and were so small and frail.”

Sarah Kelly

Sarah began bottle-feeding the palm-sized babies around the clock. They quickly settled into their cozy incubator (which helped regulate their body temperature) and fell asleep immediately after getting a full stomach.

“We went by names, Soleil and Luna, which mean the sun and moon because of their opposing light / dark facial markings.”

Kitten, calicoSoleil and Luna the calico sisters Sarah Kelly

From the beginning the two sisters clung to each other like two peas in a pod. Nobody knows how they ended up outside without a mother, but the little fighters managed to keep each other going until help arrived.

Luna could not open one of her eyes due to an infection and needed additional DC. Her sister has never left her side and offers comfort during her recovery.

Sarah Kelly

“Their bond is so special. After battling a serious eye infection when Luna was just one week old, we knew how special she was because Soleil protected and comforted her sister,” shared Sarah Love Meow.

“She always slept on her or with one paw. Soleil, who is really happy and cheerful, has been very protective and vigilant this week. They are so cute and love each other so much!”

Sarah Kelly

Since her sister was always in company, Luna healed quickly. Her eye cleared and began to open.

She could finally see the world and her sister with both eyes.

Sarah Kelly

Check out the calico sisters in this cute video:

Calico sister kitten

“Little Soleil is as sunny, happy, and positive as her namesake. She’s a motor machine and purrs all the time. She loves rolling on her back, rubbing her stomach and kissing. She’s always happily making cookies and delivering.” always make us smile. ” Said Sarah.

That little sunshine was the cheerleader for Luna. She is always in a good mood and curious about everything around her.

Sarah Kelly

“Miss Luna also has a fitting name because she is reserved and calm. She is stoically strong, resilient and beautiful. We love her little golden moon streak on her face. She is so cute, sassy and absolutely charming.”

When the kittens were ready to venture out of their nest and learn to walk, they moved into their own playpen. Soleil put her paw on her sister and looked for her.

Sarah Kelly

The bound couple was so excited to explore their new digs. They waddled around, checking every corner. If they weren’t in sight, they’d go to each other immediately.

Sarah Kelly

Soleil continues to shower her sister with cuddles every day. She will put her arms around Luna when they take a nap and hug her sister whenever she gets a chance.

Even when they wrestle and play, Soleil always finds ways to hold Luna down.

Sarah Kelly

The two best friends become more playful and start planning mischief around their playpen.

No matter what they do, they do it as a duo.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah gave them a cozy teddy bear to keep them company. The calico sisters immediately went cuddling together.

Sarah Kelly

At three weeks of age, the kittens will thrive in care. You still have a lot to do and a lot of antics to do.

The connected couple will never be separated if they continue their journey to their eternal home.

Sarah Kelly

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