Twin kittens are so delighted that they have a comfortable place to stay and develop into happy ginger cats

Twin kittens are so excited to have a comfortable place to stay after being rescued from a difficult situation.

Frances and Johnny the twin kittens Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

Two orange tabbies were found in a rural animal shelter in southern Indiana to be rescued. The facility didn’t have the space or resources to keep it, so ARPO, an Indianapolis rescue center, stepped in to help.

“A wonderful lady saved them and looked after them for a few days until they could take a transport to us,” said Lori White, a nursing assistant from ARPO, told Love Meow.

Cat siblings Frances and Johnny were severely underweight and had upper respiratory infections. Despite everything, they were so lucky to be in a home setting and to have someone to look after them.

Ginger kittens have arrived at rescueLori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

“I saw their cute faces behind the bars of the kennel door and knew that they had to get on the next transport to come to me,” said Lori. “Your eyes needed some attention, but medication is often an easy fix.”

The twins were started on antibiotics and eye drops immediately upon arrival. They loved being full of soft things in their cozy new nest and having access to an abundant supply of food.

The kittens started healing in foster careLori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

“They were both super friendly from the start (despite their bad feeling). They will purr as soon as they see someone come into the room. They love to be held, ”said Lori Love Meow.

After a few days the kittens recovered on their paws and started doing all sorts of antics with their newfound energy.

Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

They would try to climb anything they could put their paws on. Frances, the more sociable of the two, led the way on every outing, while Johnny watched her carefully before joining the fun.

With great food, clean surroundings, and lots of TLC, the two tabbies have made incredible strides. Their eyes are bright, their faces are clean and they are fluffier than ever.

fluffy ginger kitten

Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

The house cat Audrey came to her grooming room for a meet and greet. The kittens were curious and in awe to see a large kitten strutting around with so much confidence.

Check out Frances and Johnny and their journey in this video:

Twin kitten care trip

Audrey has that charm that attracts everyone’s attention.

Hang out with the resident cat AudreyLori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

The kittens have evolved into seasoned caregivers who always wanted to know what their humans are doing.

“These two were pretty ‘helpful’ one afternoon when I was trying to rearrange my closet and sort the clothes on my bed.”

fluffy ginger kitten

Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

The cat siblings have taken over the large bed and searched every corner of the room. Their personalities shine through.

“Frances has a habit of wanting to climb anything and everything – legs, backs, towels, people’s chairs, whatever,” Lori shared with Love Meow.

Siblings of cats

Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

“Johnny is a little more reserved with his antics, but they both love to chase fluffy balls, crackle balls and jump on my bed.”

The siblings have developed into healthy, fluffy and very playful kittens.

Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

“Three weeks ago, Frances and Johnny were in a kennel at the shelter, hoping someone would rescue them.

Lori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

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