Treat yourself to one of these animal portraits

The goal of the Swedish startup Animalist is simple: Make beautiful art for pets and their people. Co-founder Jan Van Helleputte says they want to “celebrate the beauty and joy our four-legged companions bring to us through modern and personalized art inspired by Scandinavian minimalism.”

With just a few simple steps, you can create a personalized piece of modern art – choose your breed, favorite style, and color. Each motif is individually designed by the artist and co-founder Emil Tiismann. Animalist currently has a collection of more than 150 breeds of cats and dogs. Emil says that both cats and dogs are so joyful and beautiful beings and that their goal is to “portray that beauty through modern art to remind us how much they mean to us”. He also swears they won’t rest until all of the official breeds are available.

When asked about cats, Emil says that he loves them because of their mysterious side. “Without sounding too supernatural, it really feels like cats sometimes have a sixth sense. And sometimes they’re just stupid little fur babies. “

All orders are printed on thick art paper, packaged in an extra wide, protected tube, and sent to customers around the world with free express shipping. Learn more at

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