Treat yourself and enjoy this pampered cat spa day with dad

Kittens are the kings and queens of pampering. By observing them, we can pick up clues for ultimate comfort. But sometimes cat parents have a few luxury tricks up their sleeves. These people enjoy teaching their cat treasures how to treat themselves, just like cat parents Kareem Kahlil and Fifi Furrha. They taught their cats the deeper arts of the cold!

Kareem is a cat daddy who loves his cats and Chase is a kitten who loves his comfort. Not so long ago, Kareem showed his fine cat the magic of a spa day.

When mother Fifi caught her in her relaxing bliss, she couldn’t believe it! Sure, she spoils her cats, but that was just too much! Fifi opens the bedroom door to discover the spa gadgets. He tells Google to stop Zen music and asks for an explanation.

Kareem simply explains, “We’re having a spa day.”

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“Enough of this nonsense,” exclaims Fifi, trying to save Chase from this silliness. The pampered tabby cat lets her know that he is staying with meow fuss and pushy paws! And don’t forget to put the cucumber slices back, mom!

Cat daddy, mommy and 3 kitty babies are having too much fun

Chase is used to posing for the camera. He and his siblings Skye and Millie have a healthy social media presence that has grown in popularity over the past year. Chase and Kareem’s spa day improved the view too! Over 65 million cat lovers have watched the two indulge themselves.

But wait!

When he discovered how much Chase was enjoying his cucumber rest, the “problems with cat fathers” rose again in triplicate! Check out the spoiled kitty trio and their dad chilling out right now.

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And if you keep watching her videos, you will see that Kareem is an absolutely adored father. But Fifi let the cat out of the bag regarding the cat dad’s original thoughts on cats when she adopted her first cat, Skye, in 2017.

“At the time, he hardly liked cats. He said, “Oh, if we move in, I don’t know if we can keep her,” Fifi told Buzzfeed. “Over the months he has [has] got so close to her. “

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In addition to being near Skye, Kareem is also close to Chase and Millie. And Fifi shared that Kareem is often the fun parent because she stated, “I do the discipline while he keeps giving them treats throughout the day.”

“You can get along with him for sure, so he’s definitely the parent of choice – no question about it.”

And isn’t that a mother’s lot in life?

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Do like Chase and indulge in funny cat videos! But a warning: once you get comfortable and see the Don’t Stop Meowing family, you’re going to get lost in a good time!

Catch Chase, Millie, Skye and their parents on Instagram and TikTok.


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