Top 10 Mother Approved Places to Fish and Sail

Bruna Carincotte


After six weeks of nationwide voting, Mama’s top 10 fishing and boat spots were selected. Chosen from a list of locations in all 50 states in the country – the list was created for mothers of mothers provided by Vamos A Pescar ™. These 10 places to fish and sail for the family are the best on the first list thanks to their fishy waters and many other amenities, so the family can have the perfect day boat fishing.

Each of the Top 10 Mom Mom Approved Places has play areas, easy parking, and picnic areas. Drinking water and boat access are available at every location. And of course, every place approved by the mother is full of different types of fish to catch.

Here are the top 10 mothers-approved places to fish and sail in America:

1. Alaska – Eklutna Tailrace
2. Kentucky – Cumberland Lake
3. Nebraska – Ogallala Lake
4. Florida – Lake Piney Z.
5. West Virginia – Little Beaver Lake
6. Arizona – Havasu Lake
7. Iowa – Backbone State Park
8. California Yosemite National Park
9. Hawaii – Poka’i Bay
10. Louisiana – Grand Isle State Park

Click to expand the image and see a description of each location. There are many great ways to visit family not just in summer but all year round.

If it’s your first time taking your kids fishing, please find a great way to do so, as well as tips on fishing and sailing with kids. You can also find a fishing and boating location with your family near you using our interactive fishing and boating map.

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Bruna Carincotte

Bruna Carincotte

Bruna Carincotte brings extensive international experience in marketing, communication and public relations to the RBFF. Bruna is from Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. She has 13 years of experience in communications and has relevant project management skills developed in Latin America, Europe and North America.
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