Tips for trout fishing from the bank

Trout are generally considered a stream inhabitant, but there are many lakes that can offer great trout action. When an angler expresses interest in fishing for lake trout from the bank, confusion may arise that he inquires about lake trout, a large deepwater species, or just asks about the location of lake trout fishing from the bank for species other than brown trout or rainbow trout .

Lake trout fishing from the shore (for lake trout) can be done in some rocky, cold lakes. For example, in Colorado, the locals use teat meat on the bottom, similar to how they do catfish fishing. I was also lucky enough to do long casts with heavy spoons tipped with a white grub tail and then allow it to hit the ground before doing a very slow recall.

Fishing the lake from the shore for other trout can also be very productive. When learning how to fish for trout in a lake, the mouths of tributaries are often a good place to start. Remember, as these fish prefer clear water, a stealthy approach and presentation will help ensure that you don’t scare any fish. Fly fishing lakes from the shore can be a hot technique, especially when fishing pressures are high and other baits are rejected.

In Lake Erie, brown trout and steelhead, the genetic equivalent of rainbow trout, pound small spoons when fishing for lake trout from the shore, allowing even the potential of a rare lake trout to penetrate the mix. In the fall and winter, these trout venture up and down the streams where they were stored. The mouths of these tributaries offer some great land fishing opportunities, with a little more freedom of movement than the streams, which can be crowded at this time of year.

Though some anglers argue about mealworms, fish eggs, or night creepers, minnows are usually considered the best bait for sea fishing. A small marabou stencil with a minnow, either live or dried and salted, drifting under a bobber can be one of the more effective shore trout fishing systems and is a good plan B if the fish aren’t spooning.


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