Tips for fishing in the winter months

Why not go outside and enjoy fishing and boating? Fishing and boating can be the perfect getaway for your family.

New year, new experiences in the water!

While you wait for spring and summer, you can find different ways to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the outdoors. If one of your New Year goals is to spend more time with your family and seek new adventures, fishing and sailing can be a great way to spend more time together.

New year resolutions

1. Enjoy the outdoors. Fishing and sailing allow you to enjoy the outdoors and the great outdoors.
2. Disconnect the connection. Disconnect your mobile phone and television. Fishing and boating are great ways to keep active and something the whole family can have fun and participate in, regardless of age.
3. Create more reminders. ITry something new with your family in 2018. You can plan a fishing trip and experience the joy of being on the water with your family and enjoy the #FirstCatch.

If you’re planning a vacation or want to prepare the family for winter fishing, this is the perfect time to find new and exciting ways to enjoy the great outdoors and explore!

Prepare to fish in winter

Although the temperatures are low, here’s how to prepare for a family fishing trip. It’s just about preparing yourself well and enjoying a day in the water.

Here are some basic winter fishing tips so you can enjoy a memorable day of fishing with your family.

1. Wear warm clothes

Before you set off, make sure that you and your family are properly prepared for the weather. Dress with whatever is necessary according to the conditions. If you are prepared with the right clothes, you can enjoy your fishing trip without worrying about the cold. Pack extra dry clothes, this is a great help for younger children on the way home.

2. Look for deeper waters

When the temperature drops, the water surface cools down. Therefore, the fish dive deeper to where the water is warmer. Lower parts and other areas with access to deep water provide more fish than shallow water. When fishing near deeper water, always watch out for children and make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket.

3. Fish where the fish are active

Fish are less active in the early hours of the morning when it is cold. If you leave later, the fish is likely to be more active and more likely to bite. Fish prefer to be on the surface of the water in daylight. Let the family rest and enjoy a good breakfast.

4. Quiet fishing

In the cold the fish can slow down a bit, as you and I like to do. Hence, they may not be interested in catching fast moving bait. Try a bigger bait at a slower speed. Not only is it easier to catch, but it is also more attractive for fishing in the cold.

5. Enjoy ice fishing

As the temperatures keep getting colder, some of the lakes or rivers start to freeze. Ice fishing is a unique experience that offers anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to continue fishing even in the coldest winter months.

As a family, we’ve discovered that one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time. Fishing gives us the opportunity to enjoy nature, relax and have a nice moment together. The New Year is the perfect time to reevaluate what’s important and focus more on creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What fishing and sailing trips are you planning for the New Year?
Visit our interactive map to find places near you to fish and sail with your family and friends.

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