TikTok Video shows why there is no rest for this mother cat

Cats love to roam the night while we sleep. Most of the time, they mistake it for occasional breaks in singing and toy accidents. And if they choose to take a nap, everything will be quiet as they snuggle close to you.

But what if a cat is still a cat and wants everyone’s attention when it is time to sleep?

It means a cat parent will never get a good night’s rest again, that’s what! And one mom cat on TikTok understands this problem all too well and records a video to highlight her nightly fights with her cat, Ginger.

Mother cat Susie said in a TikTok video: “I’m so tired in the morning, I know I’m woken up …”

She probably already had an idea who could be the culprit behind her nightly problem, but she set up a night vision camera “to find out what was going on …”.

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

The camera revealed the source of her exhaustion, and the culprit behind her restless sleep was her orange cat!

Not so restful dreams

In the video, glowing eyes emerge from the darkness and form into a cat on the lookout. It’s ginger, the cat, who comes to see if his mother is awake.

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

He’s sitting comfortably by her side at first, but when he realizes that she’s actually sleeping, he decides that this just isn’t possible. He gives Susie a gentle paw. But she doesn’t wake up and he taps her again. And again!

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

The first paw strokes begin around 11 p.m. and last until 3 a.m. That’s four hours in which a tabby disturbs his mother’s sleep. No wonder Susie felt exhausted every morning!

But what do you do with a curious cat at night?

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

Susie knew immediately that the solution would not close the door for her boy and wrote in a second video: “I will NOT lock him out of my bedroom.”

I Agree! Who would want to deny their kitten a place in bed!

And while the second nightly video shows she won’t lock the cat out, she reveals what her stupid ginger wants when he starts poking: “A CUDDLE!”

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

She pats and hugs her good boy and he does “2 hour snuggies” and lets Susie do the rest she needs!

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

Who is that stupid ginger?

Ginger and his brother Brock came to see Susie when they were only 8 weeks old. The 16 year old cat brothers are “very beloved family members”.

As Susie Bored Panda explained, “Ginger is definitely the most needy of the two.”

@ susieandmollie / TikTok

But cat lovers are not against a cat in need. In fact, we love a cat who wants us all the time, even if it makes bedtime less than dreamy!

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