TikTok Cat Mom goes viral thanks to cat safety alerts

As cat parents, we always try to give our kittens the best possible life. One way to do this is to keep an eye on the cat’s safety. And thanks to mom and caregiver Katrina Roberts, we have another great resource in cat grooming.

Katrina lives in Great Falls, MT and promotes cats through Pet Paw Lake animal rescue. Knowing about social media, her boss at the rescue asked if she would create cute kitten content with her keepers.

So she did. And people noticed!

Katrina told KRTV Great Falls, “The second one I uploaded was blown up so it was extremely cool.”

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As she started posting videos about cat safety, more people noticed and soon Katrina found that her TikTok had amassed a 6-digit following. “I got 100,000 followers last week which was really crazy.”

Although Katrina only created the account a few months ago, her followers appreciate the information this busy cat lady shares. Although she works, goes to school, and grooms, Katrina is committed to helping everyone keep their kittens well-groomed and safe. Recently she taught us about the dangers of lilies and salt lamps.

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Lilies are more than poisonous to cats, they can be deadly

“I posted a video a while ago why you can’t have lilies in your house when you have cats.”

As beautiful as lilies are, they don’t belong in houses with cats. Katrina explained, “Just a little pollen on your fur can lead to kidney failure and death.”

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And Katrina is right. Melanie McLean, an FDA veterinarian, reports, “The entire lily plant (leaf, pollen and flower) is poisonous to you. Even if they just eat a few leaves or lick a few pollen grains from their fur, cats can suffer acute kidney failure in no time. “

Don’t risk it and stick with other cat-safe flowers.

In an odd surprise, salt lamps aren’t good for cats either

In terms of Himalayan sea salt lamps, these are bad for cats, “really bad” according to Katrina.

“If they choose to lick them because they are cats and they could, it can cause sodium poisoning.”

Again she tells us true.

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The experts at tell us, “If you ingest too much salt, the water is drawn from the tissues into the bloodstream. This includes the fluid around the brain, and salt toxicity can cause serious neurological problems. “

So, like these lilies, “throw out the salt lamp. Stay safe.”

Follow Katrina and her foster cats to learn more about cat safety!

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