Thumb kitten finds cutest friend who follows her wherever she goes

A thumb kitten wrapped her mittens around a tabby in need of a companion. They became friends immediately.

Salvation of grace to save

Two kittens from different mothers crossed paths while being taken to a shelter in Santa Cruz, California. They were both found as singletons and had to be treated for ringworm.

The staff put them together so they could have a buddy as they headed toward recovery. Volunteers reached out to local rescue workers in hopes of finding the couple the help they needed to thrive.

The two kittens hit it off quickly and became quick friends. They found comfort in each other, but desperately needed a nursing home to continue their healing process.

Salvation of grace to save

Saving Grace Rescue, a volunteer rescue group, stepped forward to help and took care of the kittens.

“They’re closely related. One of them named Dory has extra toes and a low walk,” Amber Holly, founder of Saving Grace Rescue, told Love Meow.

Salvation of grace to save

Joyce, a Saving Grace volunteer carer, welcomed them to their loving home. The tabby named Dini didn’t hesitate to demonstrate his tenacity and cheeky demeanor. His adoptive sister, Dory, followed immediately, looking for safety for him.

“Dini was named after Houdini because he can find hiding places. Dory was named after Houdini’s assistant Dorothy,” Joyce told Love Meow.

Salvation of grace to save

“They are two singletons who have been paired together since they were 5 to 6 weeks old.”

Dory, the cute polydactylus, is a bit shy, but feels safe and content as long as her brother Dini is around. The tabby is the adventurous and playful one. He encourages Dory to try new things and acts like a protective brother around her.

Salvation of grace to save

Whenever he spots a new platform to jump onto, he quickly makes his way over there and calls his sister to join the fun. “Dory, who has shorter legs, always looks to Dini to take her to different heights. They are seen together most of the time,” Joyce told Love Meow.

Dini follows his best friend around the house, making sure she isn’t alone.

Salvation of grace to save

The little tabby doesn’t want to do without a single corner in the house. He was an expert at finding new hiding spots, and Dory accompanies him in following his example.

Check out the two kittens in this cute video:

Best friends

The two best friends have recovered wonderfully and their bond has become stronger than ever. Dini takes care of his little sister and Dory looks to him on every adventure they go on together.

Salvation of grace to save

Big brother Dini likes to put his paw on Dory’s big mittens when they are napping, as if they are constantly holding paws. The two buddies are dependent on each other and look for each other when they are not in sight.

After a few weeks of being cared for, the kittens are now ready for their next adventure in life – a forever loving home.

Salvation of grace to save

Rescue knows how close these kitties are and hopes that they will find a great home together as they cannot be separated.

Dini has grown into a friendly, wild tabby boy, and his sister is every bit as cute as she gets.

Salvation of grace to save

The two have different personalities, but complement each other perfectly.

After a long game session, they always curl up in bed together and hold their paws before purring to sleep.

Salvation of grace to save

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