This cat-inspired card game asks: Do you look like your cat?

Are you looking for a fun new game to get rid of boredom?

Do you love cats

Then do you look like your cat? is the game for you!

This family friendly card game will help you improve your memory skills and laugh at people and the cats for what they look like. Or do the cats look like humans?

Either way, this game is a good time!

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Do you look like your cat

The players in the game have 50 cards with photos of cats and people. “The brochure contains humorous texts that provide information about around 25 people and their furry best friends,” says game maker Laurence King.

To play you have to match the cat to the appropriate human and the player with the most matches wins at the end of the game!

Do you look like your cat “Makes the perfect gift for cat lovers.”

We think so too!

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Sweet game, difficult to grasp

The cat photography makes the game amazing and while its adorable photographer Gerrard Gethings said that cats, being cats, made the photo shoots difficult. With the lights and the camera, he and the cat parents would do anything in their power, including laser dots, treats, and cute talking, but some cats just didn’t want a part and went into hiding. As he told the Guardian, he would leave the cat’s house feeling “pretty defeated and a big failure”.

In other cases, cunning cat tactics would dash his hopes. “The cats jumped up and sat down beautifully on the table, licking their paws and just watched what happened as I set up the scenery.” As soon as Gethings raised the camera, “They would jump off and hide and never come back. It seemed almost on purpose. “

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Gethings is also the genius behind Do you look like your dog? and he reported that the dogs were much easier to photograph when happily reporting to his studio. On Instagram he said: “We had to be a little more inventive with the cats than with the dogs. ”

But he found the cats were worth the work and deserved the same attention as dogs.

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“Everyone has seen someone who looks like a dog. It was always an idea, ”he shared. “But I don’t think people thought, ‘This person looks very much like a cat.’ I suppose there is a quality of cats some people can have, but not in the same way. They don’t have huge beards or things that dogs have like a center parting and long hair – simple matches. Cats are harder. “

Yes, cats can be difficult, but that’s part of the magic that makes them so great!

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Pick up Do you look like your cat? and have fun with the family.

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