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Things to Know When Hiking Your Dog

Dogs can be your best friends if you plan on going for a hike with them. Aside from being a curious partner throughout the trip, your dog will receive plenty of spiritual stimulation. Several studies also suggest that dogs can reduce destructive behavior and anxiety when on a hike.

At the same time, walking with your beloved dog is fraught with many tasks. It would be helpful if you took some action before taking your pet to climb these high areas.

In this blog we are going to cover all of the safety and equipment items needed for this type of trip. So let’s discuss one by one

Know your dog’s limits

Expecting your pups to take you those vigorous long walks with you can be a little too much. This is because small puppies have underdeveloped bones that are not conducive to strenuous workouts. So it would be best if you waited until they turn a year old.

When you have a fully grown dog, you need to improve their stamina to get them ready for adventure. If your usual walk with your dog is shorter, try making it a little longer. This way you can slowly acclimate your dog for a hiking trip.

Follow the linen law

Failure to follow the leash laws can ruin your entire dog hiking adventure. Who knows that your fellow travelers may also be carrying a dog with a bad temper?

It is therefore important that you have a dog leash and that it is no longer than two meters. A leash longer than two meters can get caught in small bushes and branches while walking. A reflective harness is also a great accessory as you can track your dog when it gets dark.

Bring enough food and water

When packing your meals for hiking, keep in mind that you have two mouths to feed. Not to forget, you should also have enough water available.

It is important to have plenty of water because dogs cannot sweat like humans and are therefore at greater risk of overheating.

You can also bring some dog treats to keep your dog’s energy and spirit high. After you’ve traveled a long distance, give them their dinner so they can relax and prevent disease.

Bring your dog’s favorite toy

You’ll need to break up your trip for either food or overnight camping. It shouldn’t make your dog move away from your surroundings. Dog toys are very helpful in such situations. They ensure that your dogs sit quietly in one place and are not distracted by anything else.

Another reason toys are necessary is because they keep your dogs busy while you are performing some important things. You don’t want them to play spoilsport while you are doing some urgent chores.

Carry a pet first aid kit

Like small children on a trail, dogs can be naughty when traveling. It is necessary to keep a small first aid kit in order to deal with all possible crises.

Some important items needed in your first aid kit are antiseptic for wounds, tweezers to remove ticks, bandages for injured paws, and socks for extra padding. Being able to carry so many items makes your dog easier to harm from mild to moderate.

Take an insect repellent

Your dog may be very susceptible to insect bites while hiking. While most of these insects are harmless to your dog, some of them can cause a lot of trouble. These are external parasites known as ticks and fleas. You can transmit a variety of diseases in your dogs, aside from itching and scratching.

Choose a skin-friendly insect repellent for your dogs and apply it before you start trekking. You can also use dog tick collars that will keep your dogs from getting externally attacked.

To conclude,

Hiking gives your beautiful dog the opportunity to adjust to nature and reduce stress and anxiety. It will also strengthen the overall bond between the two of you. If you have a trip on your mind, make sure to follow the steps above. These tips will surely help you tremendously in having a safe and memorable trip.


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