These 21 curious cats are the most curious neighbors of all time

Do cats make nosy neighbors?

You might as well ask if tigers poop in the jungle because we know the answer is yes!

Cats are the busiest of the busy bodies thanks to their famous curiosity. And while their curiosity is a survival mechanism that helps them know every nook and cranny of their territory, we know another truth behind kitten sniffing. A bunch of cute and whiskered, nosy Rosies, cats feel compelled to know every detail of everyone’s business. Don’t think that you can hide something from a cat. You are in control of everything that happens in your home, and most likely that of the neighbors too!

Cat parents have been happy to provide evidence of cats’ curiosity on social media, and we’ve put together a gallery of the most nosy neighborhood cats.

@ euphorliyah / Twitter

Curious neighbors can’t stop looking

Neighborhood watch or just a kitty angel curious on a morning walk?

@ Martythefierce / Instagram

One cat father reports: “He just watches people take to the streets like that. ”

@ smolbeanenergy / Twitter

Cats learn to spy on neighbors early on, and here we see a kitten purring her skills …

@ squatchandbunneh / Instagram

Flibbles must know! So many people out there what could be going on out there?

@ lolaflibbles / Instagram

Venetian blind windows are supposed to shield houses from prying eyes, but they’re also a great spying place for a ginger tabby …

@ new2twittaaa / Twitter

Two busybodies spying on the neighbors and probably gossiping about everyone they see …

@ Mossragdoll / Instagram

“What do you mean, what you got going is none of my business?”

@ SCOE / Twitter

Wait now What’s going on over there? Is that even allowed?

@ Chaotic_Fave / Twitter

This fine lady will not stand any gimmicks in her neighborhood!

@ villainelliee / Twitter

“Who needs a television when the neighbors are your daily drama?”

@ teesohappy / Instagram

The best friends Klara and Tofu don’t believe their kitty eyes. Is that a Porsche that is parked next door?

@ klara_and_tofu / Instagram

Anyone else who stares that hard may be considered creepy, but if the creeper is a cat, he’s too cute!

@ lusham / Twitter

A beautiful scene of curiosity while a crush is watching the world and making notes on printer paper …

@ foxesandbrambles / Instagram

Curious since day one!

@ Solqrsido / Twitter

You damn children! Get off our lawn!

@ wartoothkay / Instagram

An annoying babe looks like a shadow on the wall, while cat-loving hearts melt at the cuteness …

@ sxrax / Twitter

Remember cats are always watching. Even if you are reading this, there is most likely cat’s eyes on you!

@ Kalukicat / Instagram

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Feature Image: @ lusham / Twitter & @ klara_and_tofu / Instagram


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