There’s nothing to see here, just a baby possum hidden as a cat

Possums are smart.

These nocturnal creatures have to navigate the world, scurry with the other nocturnal predators, get out on their way and avoid arguments. It’s a tough world for a possum. But they make it thanks to their silly intrigues.

And possums certainly don’t get the credit they deserve for making brilliant plans come true.

Take the story of a possum who saw how well some cats had it and decided to fit into the crease without notice. With whiskers and a long tail, the idea seemed to work in the dark of night. But the extra long snoot and the coarse fur gave him away!

Maura McLaughlin on The Dodo

Terror and cuteness visits on thin fingertips

About six months ago, Maura McLaughlin had a nocturnal experience that would have scared some people. While she slept, used to the feeling of cat fur brushing her at night, fur hit her fingers, but the feeling was not that soft and silky of a cat. * Insert horrified chills here! *

@ Maurasworld / Instagram

“My door was closed and I knew my cats weren’t in the room,” Maura explained to the dodo. “So I thought, ‘What was that? ‘And I just raced up and went into the living room to sleep on the couch. “

I can’t blame them there. Research can only lead to ruin in such a horror film situation!

As it turned out, Maura wasn’t the only one who experienced strangeness during the night …

Maura, one of the masterminds behind the charitable Off The Wall Graffiti, is used to working in the house, but not furry gimmicks of unknown origin. She was quite relieved to learn that someone else in the house was looking at the unknown fur owner.

“One of the artists who lives in my daughter’s room came in and said, ‘I had the cutest baby possum in my bedroom this morning. I just picked it up and put it outside and said, ‘Hello’. “

@ Maurasworld / Instagram

But after the nocturnal visitor and his unexplained entry into the house, life went on as usual. Until the opossum returned.

The cat came back, wait no, the opossum came back!

Of course, the opossum’s re-entry wasn’t an announced affair, but just another moment where Maura immediately stopped at something unexpected.

“I heard this new sound and said, ‘These are not my cats, this is not a raccoon, what’s sipping on the water bowl?'”

Concerned, Maura went to investigate.

@ Maurasworld / Instagram

Imagine her surprise to find that the opossum visitor had returned and had no problem with her presence as he happily dined on the cat food. And he had decided that he would stay! The cats must have had a good time and he wanted in.

And Maura was comfortable with his decision. After all, her home is a haven and a community, so she certainly greeted the possum and his family members, saying, “In the end I gave up and gave in to the fact that you are here – it was you who were born here under my house . “

“These are just small community members.”

And her new snouted friend has made it her business to live like a cat! In addition to politely sharing food, the opossum cat uses the litter box as good animals should. What about the cats? They don’t care if their boyfriend looks different with his pointy nose and bare tail, it’s all family in Maura’s house.

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Feature Image: Maura McLaughlin via The Dodo & @ maurasworld / Instagram


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