Therapy dogs thank DC National Guard forces

Seeing the photos and coverage over the past few weeks of the legions of National Guard troops protecting the nation’s Capitol and our elected officials is a reminder of the good people who stand ready to face national disasters, threats, and disasters serve and protect.

On Friday, January 29, the Hamilton Hotel in Washington, DC surprised its 250-plus National Guard guests with a visit from a dozen therapy dogs affiliated with the DC-based nonprofit People Animals Love *. The visit was intended as a thank you for the 24/7 soldiers who have been staying at the hotel since the beginning of the month. The majority of the members are non-DC and have been away from their own families and pets for several weeks. The service members clearly responded to the opportunity to interact a lot with the dogs with hugs and pets.

The 12 dogs were accompanied by their owners and, in order to comply with social distancing protocols, were positioned in various locations throughout the hotel, from the lobby to the meeting rooms, where they wanted to show their love and appreciation to our members of the armed forces.

We applaud the service members and their effectiveness in preventing further violence. Thank you also to all the therapy dogs and volunteers who attended the day’s events.

* PAL is a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization founded in 1982 that coordinates a network of 500 privately owned dogs and some cats to serve people through the “human-animal connection” in facilities such as care facilities, libraries, schools, and others Facilities to offer comfort more. During the pandemic, the organization has shifted from their face-to-face meetings to a virtual program where children who are practicing reading can sign up to read to a PAL dog. This visit to the Hamilton Hotel is one of the first personal visits.


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