The real reason for that scowl face might surprise you

Giggle, the cat, has something to say.

Judging by the look on his face, he might be ready to whip us a tongue! Oh I hope we don’t have any issues with this grumpy looking tabby cat.

Come on Giggles, are you really as crazy as you look?

Giggles the Angry Cat reported that he wasn’t angry at all, no matter how grumpy he looked. In fact, he said to us, “Don’t let my looks fool you. I’m a really cool guy actually. “

Riggi Rescue / Facebook

The cute but sinister tabby assured us that he is indeed a very happy boy. “I’m so happy that I no longer have to worry about sleeping on the cold, hard floor. I was scared and hungry every night. “

The Riggi Rescue staff and volunteers agree: “He’s the cutest boy! WE LOVE HIM!

So, no angry tongue taps from this grumpy-faced cat, but lovable whiskers for anyone Giggles encounters!

Giggles the bad cat / Facebook

Home from the streets

His past is unknown, but Giggles had long lived on the streets. When he finally made it to Riggi Rescue, the tabby was infected with ticks and he was still not fixated. Also, Giggles appeared to have been fighting in the days leading up to his arrival at the shelter. He had a bite on his neck that was probably from another cat.

@ gigglestheangrycat / Instagram

Though he had lived as a wild boy, Giggles was a cat who loved being around people, and his charming manner soon stole every heart from being saved. Once they posted pictures of his grumpy face, social media fell fast and hard on him too. His “mean heist” photos rushed to garner over 3 million views!

Among those millions were Giggles’ new mother and father.

Giggles the bad cat / Facebook

After some tick picking, neutering, and cat bite treatment, Giggles was soon adopted. Rescue workers shared: “The immediate connection between him and his new mother was so touching, and we were honored to be his stepping stone into his new life.”

Official Spokescat

Even though Giggles made it to his eternal home, he still has so much love for the shelter that saved him. He wanted to help them continue their mission.

“He is officially our new ambassador! You will be able to meet Giggles at our fundraising drives in the near future, ”says Riggi Rescue.

Giggles the bad cat / Facebook

And Giggle’s message of salvation is one we believe in with all our hearts. “Adopt a cat or kitten in need and change their life forever!”

Find Giggles the Angry Cat on Facebook and Instagram.

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Feature image: Riggi Rescue / Facebook & giggles the bad cat / Facebook


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