The family moved to a new home and found it in their barn with kittens

A family moved to their new home and discovered kittens and cats living in their barn.

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Earlier this year a family moved to their new rural home in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada. They soon discovered that their barn came with a few wild little kittens.

As it turned out, a family of cats had been living in their barn for some time. Joanie, the homeowner, knew the Canadian winters are relentless and immediately set up warm shelters in the barn while she went on a rescue mission to get the kittens to a good home.

Her plan was to have the wild mother neutered before she got pregnant again and to help the kittens through a rescue. She sent a request to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue in Montreal, some 700 km away, after no one else offered to help.

Orphanage Montreal

“She has contacted vets and shelters in Abitibi, but couldn’t find anyone to help her. That’s why we made a commitment to take her in,” said Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal to Love Meow.

After one of the kittens set a humane trap in the area, it came in, but the others were harder to catch. The little kitten, named Jules, was shy at first, but quickly warmed up for its humans after getting food and pets.

Orphanage Montreal

While Joanie continued to try to get the rest of the cat family, a friendly person volunteered to transport the kitten to the rescue so he could get the medical care he needed.

“Jules did very well on his long drive to the vet and went to his nursing home to socialize.”

Orphanage Montreal

“He quickly discovered that feather toys were fun to play with and even made friends with the local cats,” added Celine.

Jules had his first snuggle session with Foster’s mom Marie-Lyne and quickly turned into a love bug. The little former barn cat enjoyed being held like a baby and even being carried around.

Jules the kitten transforms into a cozy buggyChatons Orphelins Montréal

With a lot of patience and commitment, the two remaining kittens Junot and Jass were brought to safety a few days later.

After a long journey to the rescue and treatment by the vet, the kittens were on their way to reuniting with their brother Jules.

Orphanage Montreal

Not only did Joanie save the litter of three, but she also found the cats mom and dad and is working on getting them checked and repaired.

The wildcats will continue to live in the barn they call home and now have dedicated caretakers who make sure they are fed and have warm shelter for the winter.

Orphanage Montreal

“Yesterday the kittens were reunited in their foster home. Jass was very shy after the ordeal and all the changes, but Junot was already starting to play and run around the house with his brother Jules,” shared Celine Love Meow.

Check out their journey in this video:

Kittens from the barn to the nursing home

Junot follows Jules’ lead and grows more confident day by day. Jass has watched everyone from the safety of his hiding place, but is slowly emerging from his shell.

Orphanage Montreal

Between playing with other cats and eating to their hearts’ content, they sleep a ton in their comfortable, warm beds and purr without worrying about the world.

Jules has quickly become the focus of attention. He likes to talk and enjoy being with people and other cats. He encourages his siblings to watch Bird TV on TV and play with toys.

Orphanage Montreal

These kittens never need to forage for food or prepare for freezing temperatures as they will be looking for a forever loving home before winter.

Orphanage Montreal

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