The family brought kittens home and their foster cat took them in as their own and helped them thrive

A cute foster cat took in a litter of rescued kittens and began caring for them.

Little Walkers NYC

A few weeks ago, Little Wanderers, a volunteer rescue operation in New York City, was contacted about a shy pregnant cat on Staten Island who was in dire need of help.

“She’s lived on the grounds of a NYCHA housing development for two years. The neighbors say she was left behind after the death of her owner. She got out and never left the grounds of the only home she knew,” Little Wanderers told Love Meow With.

The cat, named Norway, had been out on the streets for a long time until an independent rescuer found her. They took in the heavily pregnant cat so that she could have a safe home for her kittens.

Little Walkers NYC

She gave birth to a litter of kittens within 48 hours of being rescued, but was completely overwhelmed by stress. She got aggressive and didn’t want anything to do with the babies. “After an emergency examination, it was suggested that the mother be separated from the newborns because it was too stressful for her.”

They took Norway to a nursing home and were looking for volunteers who could take care of the kittens around the clock.

Little Walkers NYC

A couple, Tyrone and Megan, came forward to help. They had a nursing mother cat, Mandy, from another rescue and were hoping that she would take in the new babies.

Mandy’s own litter of seven were all weaned and big enough to walk alone. As soon as she heard the screams of the new kittens, she came running to them.

Cat, nursing cat, kittenLittle Walkers NYC

“While we have great bottle feeders, mother cats are the best for kittens; emotionally and physically. We took the chance and tried to rescue these newborn kittens with a nursing queen,” said Little Wanderers.

“Mandy immediately started taking care of these kittens, licking and grooming them. It made us all cry happy tears.”

Little Walkers NYC

Meanwhile, Tyrone and Megan worked tirelessly to provide extra grooming to ensure optimal health and weight gain. Despite all efforts and constant vet care, only two kittens prevailed.

“These two girls, affectionately named Iota and Mu, are the only survivors. They are strong healthy girls who crawl and waddle everywhere and are so happy to be alive,” said Little Wanderers.

Little Walkers NYC

The little kittens are getting more playful and wild every day. They learn to eat on their own but always return to their surrogate mother for snacks and care.

The couple are thrilled that the kittens are thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. Foster Dad Tyrone likes to come into the cat room with his guitar and serenade the adorable cat family. You celebrate with them every day and every milestone.

Little Walkers NYC

“Norway (the birth cat mother) is now relaxing in a beautiful foster home and snuggling up to the 1000 count sheets on her foster family’s bed,” Little Wanderers told Love Meow.

She has finally retired from motherhood and is ready to be pampered and loved by a family of her own.

Little Walkers NYC

It took a village, but with a network of rescuers, a friendly family, and a loving mother cat, Iota and Mus’s life was turned around.

In a few weeks they will be ready for their eternal home.

Little Walkers NYC

“Despite impossible chances, we performed some miracles together,” said Little Wanderers. “Cats surprise us. Hope that we succeed is what keeps us going.”

Little Walkers NYC

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