The best ice fishing sledge

Weather permitting, all of your basic ice fishing gear can sometimes fit into a 5 gallon bucket that doubles as a seat. However, if you also need a portable shack, heater, fuel, auger, and a large thermos of coffee, then you should find the best ice fishing sledge.

Ice fishing sleds look more like a small boat than a toboggan. With solid floors and sides that can be 8 inches high, they can also be helpful in transporting other things over snow like firewood. Usually they are pulled by hand with just a rope, but if the ice thickness allows, northern anglers can use a snowmobile.

A list of the top 10 ice fishing sleds would likely need to include some DIY versions. Even a large ice fishing sled can be made out of wood, PVC, or other material that you might find lying around behind the garage. The one that has come down to me was built by assembling two children’s snow sleds.

The top 10 ice fishing sleds often include rod holders to protect fragile rods. If the sled is to be pulled by a snowmobile or four-wheel drive vehicle, a cover is a good idea to prevent snow from being thrown over all of your equipment. Straps are also helpful, especially if you are pulling long distances as the ice is not always smooth.

Cost can play a role in determining the best ice fish sled. However, if you are not very practical at the time you are considering your time, then consider just choosing from a wide variety of sledges on the market. A “jet sled”, for example, is not a fast self-propelled one, but a common brand for ice fishing sleds with a contoured hull and shaped runners.

The best ice fishing sled can be anything that helps you move equipment over ice and snow from point A to point B with the least amount of friction. It should be durable and shouldn’t take up more space than necessary during storage.


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