The 7 best saltwater flies all around

It would be a difficult task for a fly fisherman to keep his best saltwater flies to a few. Granted, some might suggest that they have a trustworthy pattern for each species and know the exact scenarios in which they should be used.

Saltwater fly fishing offers endless opportunities to attack the world’s most respected wild fish such as tarpon, snook, striped bass, redfish, permit and bonefish. If you are hoping for a chance to join, you need to pile your fly box with a fish-shimmering lineup of the best saltwater flies. Here are seven that you will want to have in your arsenal.

1. Lefty’s impostor.

The deceiver was invented by the fishing legend “Lefty” Kreh and is a streamer that imitates bait fish. It is undoubtedly the most productive pattern in saltwater fly fishing.

2. Clouser Deep Minnow.

Originally invented by Bob Clouser as a freshwater fly, the Clouser Minnow is a versatile fly that is simple yet effective. Color choices, characterized by dumbbell eyes and a bucktail body, are often influenced by the target species or the angler’s intuition.

3. Woolly Bugger.

The Woolly Bugger is tied to mimic baits like immature insects, crabs, minnows, and leeches. It is a wet fly that is fished underwater and arguably a good choice for both freshwater and saltwater activities.

4. Crab fly.

Crab patterns come in all sizes, colors, and funky names, and they’re easy to recognize by their crab-like resemblance. Many species of saltwater cannot resist a delicious crab, which makes this a very effective choice.

5. Gurgler.

This fly is a foam body with a long tail and creates a “gurgle” when it is wiped along the surface.

6. Seaducer.

With a name coined by the legendary Chico Fernandez, you know it has to be good. The oversized head is meant to mock crustaceans or baitfish, but can be tied in a variety of colors and patterns to mimic a crab or shrimp.

7. Marabou Muddler.

The perfect deep sea fly for saltwater fishing. The large profile takes in water and slowly sinks as the shape of its head cuts through the water with finesse.

The answers you may get different depending on who you talk to about the best saltwater flies, but the odds are those seven always come top. Don’t forget to get your fishing license before going on the water.


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