The 5 best types of boating sports for families

There are more types of boating sports today than ever before! Many water sports involve a driver being pulled behind a motorized boat using a tow rope and a specially designed board or tube. The goal of these sports is for a rider to cross behind the boat and use the boat’s track as an incline for jumps and tricks. If you’re looking for a fun, stimulating activity to get the family outside and on the water, check out this list of the best boating sports for families of all ages.

1. Hose

A specially designed drag hose is required for hoses behind a boat. A PVC inflatable tube is wrapped in a durable nylon sheath that allows the tube to slide easily over the water. The driver does not have to hold a handle as the tow rope is directly connected to the pipe. Drivers can glide leisurely or take off across the boat lane for a high-flying adventure.

2. Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is a great entry-level activity into the world of boating. The rider is on his knees in a molded pad that is attached to the top of the board. The driver reaches for a handle that is connected to the boat with a rope and can drive along the water.

3. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a more advanced sport that requires a special board with boots attached. The rider starts with their feet in their boots in the water and must get up as the boat accelerates to bring the board into a travel position. Drivers cross the lane and can learn all kinds of jumps, grabs and tricks.

4. Wakeskating

Wakeskating is similar to wakeboarding, except without limitation the boots. A wakeskate has a grip tape surface like a skateboard and the riders usually wear special skate shoes for grip.

5. Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is a great craze for all ages and is a popular sport that requires a small surfboard and a large wake. The rider starts with a tow rope behind the boat and surfs in the wake until he can let go of the rope and move the wake freely on the board.

Water sports make for a fun boating day. Use our interactive map to find the best boating spots near you. There you will also find important resources related to boating safety, such as: B. Emergency protocol, safety equipment checklist and safety courses. Get the family outside and enjoy!


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