Sweet Cat helped 4 orphans thrive after taking care of their own

One cat helped four little orphan kittens thrive after raising their own two babies.

Angela Su

A mother cat and her two kittens were rescued from a California animal shelter and taken to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals for a better life. Angela Su, a rescue volunteer, brought the small family home to care for them.

The cat named Primrose felt right at home and purred a storm when it arrived. She snuggled into her new bed with her kittens and began to care for them. The cute mom was thrilled to get some attention and pets from her caretaker.

“The kittens were about three weeks old. Their eyes were open and they started walking, but they were very shaky,” said Angela Love Meow.

Angela Su

Whenever Angela came in to visit the family of three, Momma Primrose greeted them with the most adorable chirps and coos. Their purrs kept echoing around the room.

She was so lucky to have a safe, quiet place to raise her kittens instead of being in a shelter or the outdoors.

Angela Su

When their kittens Zinnia and Juniper were big enough to be adopted, they quickly found their home together forever. Every day since then, Mama Primrose had hoped that the right family would find her.

“Primrose was such a good mother to her kittens. She purred around the clock and loved being petted. After her kittens were adopted, she became very lonely herself.”

Angela Su

At that time, four little orphan kittens were brought to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals in need of a foster home and maternal love. When the shelter sent out an email asking for a volunteer, Angela didn’t hesitate to accept it.

She knew exactly the perfect mother for the litter of four.

Angela Su

The kittens came to the rescue covered in fleas and dirt. “As I bathed each one, I could feel their bones. I can’t imagine what their life was like on the street.”

After a few days of nursing, they were finally ready to meet their surrogate mother. Sweet Primrose picked them up straight away and began cleaning them one by one.

“Primrose totally fell in love with and took care of the kittens.”

Primrose the cat and her adopted kitten Angela Su

With extra care and a lot of help from Momma Primrose, the kittens began to thrive. They gained a lot of healthy weight and gained a lot of strength.

Check out Primrose and her kittens in this cute video:

Primrose the mother cat

The kittens were voracious eaters and grew by leaps and bounds quickly. When it was time to eat, they kept singing in purring harmony until the meal was served.

The rest of the litter, which was all skin and bones when it arrived, really filled in and grew into a pretty rough belly.

Angela Su

Although Primrose didn’t have a lot of milk, she let her adopted kittens care for her for hours. The four little nuggets happily kneaded on her belly as they soak up love.

Primrose was a wonderful mother who was totally devoted to every kitten she looked after. They wanted to provide her with a great home that she would cherish and adore.

Angela Su

After months of waiting, Primrose had made her dream come true when a family came to pick her up and welcome her to their loving home.

The cute mother cat raised her own two kittens and helped four others thrive. Now she has retired from motherhood and can finally enjoy being the center of the attention she should be.

Angela Su

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