Stray cat found friendly family to take in so their kittens could have better lives

A stray cat found the perfect family to help so their kittens could have a chance for a better life.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

Earlier this year, a cat migrated to a barn in Lake Chelan, Washington. A neighbor started looking after her after no one came to claim the cat. A little later she discovered that the Torbie was pregnant and needed a safe place.

Ashley Morrison, a Seattle rescuer and carer, was contacted about the cat and did not hesitate to take her away. “She was a little nervous when I first met her and confused about where she was,” shared Ashley with Love Meow.

After getting a full tummy and a room to herself, the mother-to-be warmed up for her foster family and began to relax. As soon as she spotted the bird TV on the window, she became obsessed and spent a lot of time on the windowsill watching the day.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

They named the cat Birdie because she is a seasoned bird watcher. Her belly doubled as she neared the due date.

Ashley walked into the cat room one morning, to the sweetest little surprise. “Birdie had her babies overnight,” said Ashley. “In case she felt more comfortable in a quieter, darker room, I put a basket of blankets in the bathroom.”

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

Sure enough, Birdie chose the exact basket to have her kittens out of all the birthing facilities Ashley had provided. She gave birth to five healthy babies. You were brought into this world in the comfort of a loving home, away from the elements of nature.

Birdie, the young mother, tried her best to care for her demanding kittens and to keep them safe at all times. Ashley created a space for the mother where she could see an entrance and feel safe and secure.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

Birdie preferred to keep her kittens in the shower room for the first few weeks so she could feel comfortable leaving them in the nest while she filled up and stretched out.

At around a year old, Birdie is still a kitten at heart. “She would have been just as lucky to have remained a kitten without babies herself,” said Ashley. “I’ll be so happy for her when her motherhood is over and she finds a forever home inside to play and be loved in.”

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

As soon as the kittens’ eyes opened and their ears were raised, they waddled around and tried to venture out of the nest on their own.

Ashley upgraded her nest to a spacious playpen in which the little bundles of lint could move safely and learn to walk.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

Momma Birdie watches over her kittens every step of the way and makes sure they are around.

As a young mom, Birdie does a great job taking care of her babies. At the same time, she strives to play and behave like a kitten herself.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

The litter of five has really blossomed in nursing. By six weeks they can eat from a dish like big kittens and run the cat room as they own it.

They still return to their mom for a lunch snack and some comfort and TLC.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

When the kittens are big enough to be adopted, they will be spayed and neutered and will find their home forever.

Momma Birdie will retire from motherhood once and for all and find her own place to be a kitten again.

Mother cat and her mini-meAshley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

The five littermates (Dove, Finch, Hawk, Raven and Robin) thrive. Their personalities shine through.

“(There are) all these beds and the kittens huddle on a scratch.”

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

The ex-stray will never have to spend a day on the streets again, and her kittens enjoy life as house cats.

Ashley Morrison @youngestoldcatlady

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