Stevie, the blind cat who taught her father extraordinary life lessons, has passed away

A few years ago we first told you the story of Stevie, a blind cat who loved hiking with her father Patrick.

We’re sorry to have to keep you informed of any news of Stevie’s death. Her father posted the news on Instagram in June 2020, saying, “Goodnight Stevie. Life was such an adventure. RIP 2011 – 2020 ”

Patrick adopted Stevie from the Cork Animal Care Society in Cork City, Ireland when the rescue service made a request for a patient parent who could help a blind cat thrive in life. Patrick knew he should be the one who walked through life by Stevie’s side. Of his best friend, he said: “Your amazing tenacity and friendship changed my life forever.”

Best friends who loved going on adventures together

One of Stevie’s favorite pastimes was hiking with her father, and the couple shared many trips. Patrick taught the smart cat to walk on a leash, and although it took some practice, Stevie turned pro. Her simple walks soon turned into adventures in rocky terrain and she even took a trip to Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest mountain.

Stevie Saves the World / GoFundMe

The couple went on the mountain hike to raise money for animals in need. As Patrick wrote on his GoFundMe page, “If we raise $ 1,000 we can help save the lives of so many amazing animals like Stevie who need the care and attention they deserve.”

The fundraiser has achieved double its goal and Patrick and Stevie have made a video to celebrate to highlight their Carrauntoohil rise.

Stevie Saves the World / GoFundMe

Stevie Saves the World / GoFundMe

Even after Patrick had children and brought a house with him, Stevie remained his best mate and helped him on all of life’s journeys.

While Stevie might not be able to see nature, she felt its wonder in her soul. And her luck stomping through the wild with Patrick was evident in her social media shares.

Stevie and Patrick / YouTube

Our deepest condolences go to Patrick and to all who loved Stevie. She was an amazing inspiration that reminded us to keep going even in difficult times. Have a good rest, sweet Stevie.

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Feature Image: Stevie and Patrick / YouTube & Stevie Saves the World / GoFundMe

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Sometimes in life when we fall we don’t want to get up again.

As they say, “the fight is real” and at times we can pounce on ourselves and feel like giving up when life gets tough. But Stevie is a cat who reminds us to get up again and again.

Patrick and his cat Stevie have been best friends for years and the two are inseparable. They need each other and although Stevie is completely blind, she guides her father through life. It inspires him to move on when he has doubts. Not only does she keep her dad moving, this amazing cat inspires us all and proves that you can achieve anything. Don’t let these feelings rush you.

Stevie and Patrick / YouTube

Wasn’t that cute? This is a daddy cat who really loves his girl! We are grateful that Patrick and Stevie have each other. Share this adorable story with your fellow cat lover!

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