Special Kitten untidily celebrates their adoption with a sweet treat

We know dogs enjoy a good puppuccino, but did you know that cats occasionally enjoy Starbucks treats too?

And why shouldn’t they? It’s a cup full of whipped cream, and cats are known for their fascination with dairy products. ((While cat parents know dairy products aren’t good for cats, a little bit from time to time won’t harm kittens.)

For a kitten named Meredith, who had been through a lot in her short life, the puppuccino turned out to be a perfect farewell treat after her time in the foster family.

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When Meredith was three weeks old, she and her littermates were found drenched outside from the rain. Her mother went missing and everyone was sick with parasites, respiratory infections and infected eyes. But the babies were soon given to Foster the Furbabies in Sicklerville, NJ.

One of the founders of the rescue, Gianna Cirucci, worried about Meredith and the condition of her littermates, said to The Dodo: “Meredith was the rest of the litter and we weren’t sure if it was her [sic] or their siblings would even make it. “

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“Fortunately, they all thrived in our care, but it definitely wasn’t easy for Meredith.”

She struggled with eye infections and this meant many vet visits and decreased eyesight. Despite her eye problems, Meredith had no problems with her appetite. Gianna described her as “extremely crazy when it comes to food.”

“She would try to eat anything and everything. Whenever she smelled something I was eating, she would climb on top of my body and try either to eat the food out of my mouth or to go face first on my plate. This girl had a HUGE appetite because she was the smallest in the litter. “

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Special treat for a special kitten

When it was time for Meredith to go to her home forever, her foster mother wanted to give her a special treat. A short drive through the Starbucks thoroughfare and cute Meredith soon had her own puppuccino in her paw!

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With Meredith’s tendency to dip in the face of the food first, she did just that with her mug. Gianna and co-founder Gabrielle had to capture the silliness “because it was a moment we never wanted to forget.”

Cat lovers everywhere are so glad they did because Meredith looks too cute and funny spoiling herself! Even the barista who was serving the kitten laughed. Gianna said, “She made us laugh so hard, we had tears in our eyes and I gasped.”

“More of the puppy shell got on her face than in her mouth and we cleaned it up right after that, but she definitely had a good time and enjoyed it,” explained Gianna. “She kept trying to pull the cup back to her face and was so upset when we didn’t let her have it.”

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The sisters Gianna and Gabrielle from Foster Baby Cats are very familiar with the care of cats and know what is healthy for cats and what is not. They knew their special kitten would be fine with a little milk, especially since most of it ended up on their face!

After her special snack, Meredith soon received the best reward of all: a home forever.

Of the sweet Meredith, Gianna said: “She was one of the first cats we had rescued since our rescue began, and she will always be one of our favorites.”

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