Smiling dog: Dawson

Name and age of the dog: Dawson, 2 years

Nicknames: Daws

Adoption history: I had lost my older dog, Tucker, two years earlier and I knew it was time to fill that missing piece in my life. My daughter’s friend was caring for some puppies for Homeward Animal Shelter, so I went to see them. All of the puppies were named with a November theme and I knew right away that I wanted to adopt the puppy they named Yam. I brought him home and he hasn’t left my side since. I changed his name to Dawson, inspired by the character from Dawson’s Creek. We both love to spend a lot of time outdoors and hang out by the water in the summer. Dawson is very special to me. He’s always there to put a smile on my face when I get home. He is the best dog and loves everyone.


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