Since the Neko Jinja is a shrine for cats, they don’t mind sitting on it

A cat lover’s paradise awaits between the waves of the Pacific off the east coast of Japan.

There cats do what they want and wait to be admired by visitors to their island.

Tashirojima Island has long been known as Cat Island thanks to the cats that roam the sandy shores and forests. If you walk down the street, you’re more likely to run into a cat than a human, as more cats call the island home than people. Sounds like the ideal moving place for the cat lover!

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But the kittens weren’t always the main inhabitants of the island.

The people of Tashirojima raised silkworms for the manufacture of fabrics or fished the abundant water. Cats were brought to the island to protect the silkworms from mice, but they soon found that hanging out with the fisherman also earned them tasty bites from the sea. Between silkworms and fishermen, the island had the ideal advantages for a cat.

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As the human population on the island aged and decreased, the cats flourished. Soon cats were 3 to 1 more numerous than humans. And now the cats rule the island and make themselves comfortable wherever they want.

Including a shrine built in honor of cats.

Protection and happiness

In Japan, folklore tells us that feeding cats provides both protection for the feeder and a blessing to happiness. On the island, the fisherman also believed that the cats brought good luck. When they set their hooks, the fisherman thanked the cats in the form of delicious fish. Between handouts, fish and mice, the cats of Tashirojima grew fat and plentiful.

However, the legend tells of an unfortunate incident in which a cat was killed by falling rocks. To honor the lost cat, fishermen built the Neko Jinja shrine. Over time, waving cat figurines have been added to the shrine, along with other offerings that a sacred cat spirit might enjoy.

The island’s cats have found the shrine to be an ideal place to take a nap.

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Or avoid the rain.

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With so many offerings at the shrine, the cats’ curiosity has so much to investigate.

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And the cats want to point out that the shrine was built in honor of cats. Why shouldn’t they take a nap there? Tashirojima and Neko Jinja Shrine offer more evidence that cats believe the world was made just for them!

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