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Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I try to find a word each year to guide my decisions and actions throughout the year. My word for 2021 is “simplify” – an allusion to the fact that so often in life the simplest decisions are the best.

I’ve been thinking about how I can also simplify and streamline the care of our dogs – and one option I choose is to make dental care easier Suchgood Clean Teeth for dogs and cats, a natural water additive that balances the oral biome for easy and effective daily dental care.

It couldn’t be easier: all you do is add a cap to your pet’s water to keep teeth clean and breath fresh.

Dog dental care with Suchgood #sponsored

Nearly three-year-old Barli still has whiter than white teeth – but we’ve been on the tooth extractor path with Tiki over the years. Because of this, I want to take the necessary steps to keep Barli’s teeth healthy and clean, which also translates into good overall physical health.

In the past, I’ve done my best to brush Barli’s teeth – but brushing a high-energy dog’s teeth is a challenge.

Dog teeth # sponsored

The solution: a Suchgood Clean Teeth cap for dogs and cats in our pets’ water bowl with every refill. Not only does it clean your teeth, it also freshens your breath.

Suchgood #sponsored

How to use such good water additives

We carried out the Suchgood ™ Original Natural Water Additivea test in-house. (Suchgood also offers advanced and sensitive water additives.)

As the name suggests, this US product is all natural and comes with a list of ingredients, including green tea and peppermint oil:

Dog dental care with Suchgood #sponsored

By balancing the oral biome, these natural ingredients gently clean your dog’s teeth and fight plaque and tartar without brushing your dog’s teeth.

To use the water additive, each time you refill it, pour a cap into the water bowl:

Dog drinking water with Suchgood tooth additive #sponsored

That’s it! Simple and effective dental care for dogs – and as simple as possible.

And as for the taste, there are none. There’s no taste or smell (I checked both accounts!) To deter your dog from consuming their usual amount of water.

Fresh breath

We all know that dog breathing is not a joke.

This distinctive smell of dog breath is one of the first signs of dental disease. While you are working on cleaning your dog’s teeth with Suchgood Water Additive, you can also meet the needs of instant breath freshening with Suchgood Original Dental Spray for Pets.

Such good fresh breath for dogs and cats #sponsored

The spray fragrance is designed to fight odor-causing bacteria with breath-freshening ingredients such as spearmint, peppermint and clove oil. It is comfortable for dogs AND people.

Suchgood tooth spray #sponsored

Tiki is the greatest kisser in the world. two pumps of this Made in the USA, odor neutralizing product along your gum line, and I’m ready to warp too:

Use of Suchgood in cat households

As our regular readers know, Barli and Tiki share their home – and all of their indoor water bowls – with our three cats: Inca, Lucky, and Jetty.

#sponsored #suchgood #suchgoodpet

It is important to us that all the products we use for and around our dogs are equally safe for our cats, and Suchgood is safe to use on our cats too. In fact, it is designed to be used with all pets in order to maintain dental health.

Our previous generation of cats included two cats – Linus and Felix – who had ALL teeth extracted due to dental diseases. The ability to easily clean Inka, Lucky and Jetty’s teeth is a huge relief for me.

However, cleaning cats’ teeth is a real challenge. For all the difficulty that brushing Barli’s teeth could be, brushing your teeth – at least in this house – is the impossible dream …

Not only can I feel safe when Lucky, Inca and Jetty drink with Suchgood Water Additive from our shared water bowls, but I can also feel good knowing that the same product that protects Barli and Tiki’s teeth is also included helps to clean the teeth of Lucky, Inca and Jetty as well.

A big challenge for Suchgood, a simple addition to our pets’ daily routine to keep teeth clean and breathe fresh!

For more informations:

How to Simplify Dog Dental Health #suchgood #sponsored


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