Shy cat finds courage with the help of kittens and hopes for a dream home after months of waiting

A shy cat found courage with the help of a tiny kitten. Now she’s hoping for a dream home.

West LA Shelter

A tabby cat named Fiona was taken to the West LA Shelter (Los Angeles Animal Services) last May after she was found a stray. She was very shy and reserved and tried to avoid eye contact with people.

The shelter staff knew the only thing needed was time, a patient person to help her learn to trust. “While Fiona was quite shy during her stray at the shelter (in a cat room with other cat residents), she was receptive to treats and toys that helped her gain confidence,” shared volunteers at the West LA Shelter.

Volunteers slowly built Fiona’s confidence by spending time with her and encouraging her to play.

West LA Shelter

“She especially loved playing with pipe cleaner toys. Fiona allowed us to stroke her, although you could tell she wasn’t entirely comfortable with them.”

The tabby was very cute, but painfully shy. Through a lot of patience and hard work, the volunteers began to see the months of progress flee and then the shutdown hit.

A friendly family immediately offered to care for her so that Fiona could be in a comfortable, quiet home with people who looked after her.

West LA Shelter

“She is very cute, but unfortunately very shy and scared. We took her in by giving her space and leaving her. She slowly came closer to us and played lasers and talked and sat and slept near us, but allowed us not touching her like running away, “shared the volunteer caregiver.

Things started to change when the family brought home a new caregiver named Timmy. The little ginger and white kitten demanded attention and were playful and friendly from the start.

West LA Shelter

Fiona noticed the little newbie quickly and was fascinated and immediately enthusiastic. She picked him up and began to get involved with him. Timmy, the singleton, returned love and snuggled up to Fiona to do some TLC.

They cuddled a lot by the window and watched the day go by. Fiona got around more as she watched the Happy-Go-Lucky kitten comfortably interact with people.

West LA Shelter

“Fiona longed for the love of her carers by sleeping, chatting and playing around her, being curious and completely in love with her care,” said a volunteer at the West LA Shelter.

“Her maternal guidance, endless patience, and the positive experiences shared with her little husband gave her strength and enabled her to enjoy the simple joys of cuddling up to someone special.”

West LA Shelter

Timmy gave Fiona a confidence boost while Fiona showered him with the maternal love he needed. With their help, the kitten quickly found its forever home when it was ready for adoption.

The cute tabby has made incredible strides in grooming and is now ready to find her own place.

“Having another cat at home will help Fiona continue to build trust and the camaraderie that she lives on. We’re looking for a compassionate and patient adopter to change her life.”

West LA Shelter

Fiona has longed for her dream home for about a year and a half. She made so much progress along the way and even helped care for a kitten.

It is now Fiona’s time to shine. “We dream of the day she will find a forever home in which she can blossom.”

West LA Shelter

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