Scaredy Cat, the first scary movie for cats, will lift the fur on your spine

Grab some popcorn and cuddle your kitten because it’s time to celebrate the spooky season with a scary movie that is considered the world’s first for cats.

Temptations Cat Treats, the makers of cat treatments that know how to appeal to a kitten’s heart, prove they know how to scare a cat too!

This Halloween season, they released Scaredy Cat for both humans and cats.

But be warned, this film is not fiction. We saw the real events that inspired this film …

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Scaredy Cat makes you gasp in shock and then giggle

The four-minute film begins with the words: “Some fears run so deep that they cannot be explained rationally.”

But what does a cat fear so much?

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This question may be difficult to answer as we all know cats are pretty scary. One wrong noise and your fraidy cat blows into a nerve ball! But in Scaredy Cat, an orange and white cat doesn’t seem too upset about the strange events that happen around them on a stormy night.

A creaky door doesn’t scare the kitten, it just arouses their curiosity and draws them away from cleaning their paws to investigate. When we follow the cat through her house, the horror is great! Menacing shadows, falling picture frames, phantom rockers and a creepy lady with a vengeance against tomatoes!

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But none of these leaps scare the kitten, so she travels on chasing the ball of thread that started her entire journey. So what’s this cute kitten’s pursuit?

As soon as she makes it into the kitchen and the refrigerator door opens, we see the creepy vegetables behind the haunted places.

And as the screeching kitten learns, the one terrible cucumber is not alone!

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These kittens look like they’ve just seen Scaredy Cat for themselves and can’t quite get the horror of the cucumbers under control.

Fears of cucumbers mean funny pictures of cats

Cupcake knows cucumbers aren’t actually snakes, but they definitely look that way. And that makes him nervous! Or maybe it’s his bony friend …

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Baby Butters Said Scaredy Cat is Scary! But not as scary as real live cucumbers, they make a kitten sizzling and shitty …

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Pip doesn’t come out until someone promises the pickles are gone!

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Did someone say cucumber?

@ carrie.villar / Instagram

Cucumbers can’t find me here!

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Collect the kittens and press play to have fun!

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