Running car stolen from hotel parking lot with family dog ​​inside

We all make mistakes, but we never expect one wrong step to lead to a tragic scenario. When a family checked into a hotel, they knew they would only be gone a minute or two. So they let their car run a few meters from the entrance. Their border collie named Remy was waiting in the car while they ran inside.

Remy’s family never expected anything to go wrong within seconds. But in no time someone was driving off while Remy was still trapped inside. This caused a panic and the family immediately began looking for their lost family member.

Find Remy

Rizwan Siwani and his family traveled to the Twin Cities from southern Minnesota for a fun weekend getaway. They would be staying at the Element Bloomington Mall of America hotel for his son’s upcoming birthday. With hotels not as crowded as they were before the pandemic, Siwani thought Remy would be safe in the car when he checked in. But he didn’t realize his mistake until it was too late.

Image: Rizwan Siwani Facebook

“The car was right outside the front door, literally just a few steps from the hotel entrance,” said Siwani.

While Siwani checked into the hotel with his children, the car disappeared. Losing a car is stressful enough, of course, but it’s nothing compared to losing a dog. Cars are interchangeable, but family members are not. Plus, cute little Remy isn’t even a year old.

Siwani quickly filed a police report, desperately hoping Remy would return home soon. The hotel had surveillance videos from the parking lot, but police said there was no clear view of the suspect. Even so, Bloomington Police quickly began searching for the stolen dog and vehicle.

Finally reunited!

The family feared the car would be parked somewhere with Remy, but they refused to give up hope. A few days later, officials found the dog in Brooklyn Park. He was all alone and the vehicle was not in sight. While the police continue to try to find the stolen vehicle, the family is just glad to have their furry friend back.

Image: Rizwan Siwani Facebook

Siwani is not bitter about the situation. Instead, he’s just grateful that Remy got a happy ending. Although the puppy was not a part of the family for long, they already love him unconditionally.

Officials are still looking for Siwani’s car, a gray 2017 Kia Sorrento. But now Siwani will relax and keep an eye on his loved ones. Leaving a dog alone in the car is never safe, but now he knows it more than anyone. We all make mistakes. All that matters is that we learn from them.

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Featured image: Rizwan Siwani Facebook


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