Returned from the sidelines, the kitten insists on staying close to the person who saved it

A kitten brought back from the sidelines insists on staying near the person who saved their life.

Patricia Lika

A litter of four kittens was brought to the Las Vegas municipal shelter and was in need of rescue. One of them, named Pawly, was the weakest in the bunch. Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe took them in and placed them in foster homes.

Pawly’s siblings began to thrive in a home setting with a dedicated caretaker, but the little gray kitten tried to improve and began to decline. Patricia Lika, a volunteer caregiver who specializes in caring for critical kittens, has come up to help.

“Her foster mother knew she had to make a decision about what was best for Pawly and reached out a hand for the kitten to receive more one-on-one care,” Patricia told Love Meow.

Patricia Lika

“Pawly was extremely underweight and fragile. She had very low blood levels and an upper respiratory infection. We started her on antibiotics and the 24/7 intensive care protocol. She was so weak and faded that I worried that it was too late. “

At six weeks, the kitten weighed only half a pound. Despite all the odds against her, little Pawly never gave up and was so grateful that she was looked after. Patricia made a small apartment for her in her bedroom so she could keep an eye on the kitten day and night.

Kitten, cat toy, avocado Patricia Lika

“She was so cute, purring incessantly, and loved being held,” added Patricia. “She was born with a missing hind paw, hence the name Pawly.”

After several days of careful grooming, the little warrior perked up and began to thrive. She was so excited to discover her newfound energy, jump and run across the room as if she owned it.

Patricia Lika

“As soon as she felt better and had more energy, she came out of her shell and started playing,” shared Patricia Love Meow.

Pawly loves her foster mother and likes to follow her around the house like a little duckling.

Patricia Lika

Every morning Patricia wakes up with little Pawly, who greets her happily. At night the kitten cuddles up behind the pillows and plays hide and seek before falling asleep next to his favorite person.

Despite having three paws, Pawly doesn’t think she’s any different. She can run, run and play like any other kitten.

Patricia Lika

“She enjoys company very much, loves dogs, and is quite a little climber, even though she was born without her hind paw. She gets along perfectly,” Patricia told Love Meow.

“She follows me and my dog ​​like a little shadow. She loves playing with toys and cuddling in bed.”

Patricia Lika

“Pawly has completely turned around and recovered. She’s such a happy little baby. It puts a smile on my face. She loves walking around on my bed and hiding between pillows, playing and giving high fives. “

The cute kitten has taken on the role of the tiny boss in the house. She is always intrigued by everything Patricia does, and she is a great listener and the perfect little companion.

Patricia Lika

“She’s a pretty little hidden ninja too, her specialty is meddling and thinking I don’t see her while she’s trying to calmly plan the most adorable kitten attack,” Patricia said.

As soon as Patricia got out of the shower, Pawly came running and tried to offer a helping paw.

Patricia Lika

The little love bug blooms into a happy, playful, wild cat that it should be.

“She is a very special girl and one day she will make a family very happy.”

Patricia Lika

Little Pawly has made great strides since she came to her nursing home.

She loves her new life as a pampered house cat and enjoys being with her foster mother, who is her cutest little shade.

Patricia Lika

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